Monday, April 26, 2010

Mermaids & Faeries- Evie's Closet

I can't believe its Monday again already. Last week went by sooooo fast!  Today I kinda wanted to blog about a wonderful creator/designer,Evangeline Miles.  This Lady designs some of the most beautiful Fantasy wear. Not only does she create for adults, but also for little avi's. Her textures are all hand made, no photosourcing at all. And the neatest thing is, A lot of her adult clothing, has a little girl outfit to almost match, So all you mother and daughters these are perfect for you.

Most people that know me, know sometimes I love to put on a pair of wings and become a faery. When I was little I daydreamed often of having wings, and flying high above the bad stuff, where it was all safe and beautiful. Ms Evie makes those daydreams I had, become a reality of sorts, as much reality as we can have inside of Second Life.
She makes so many styles and colors to choose from, some faery-like.
This one is called Tiny Elysian -Blue, it also comes with a long skirt and a Flower wreath with blue flowers, but I love the Star Circlet, its my kind of tiara!   You cant see in this picture but it also comes with some very pretty leg ribbons, to match the arm ribbons. I  have green and violet also, I believe it comes in other colors too. The wings are from Fancy Fairy  And there a million colors and styles there. Beautiful all of them.

And some designs she makes are what you would imagine seeing in a fairytale.

This is one of my favorite non-wing dress. It's called. Tiny Muse-Green, its simple and sooo pretty, I believe there are 5 different colors. She has so many tiny formal dresses, so so pretty, with detail that you can't get with photo sourcing. She has from Victorian, to Fairy, to flowergirl styles. I can't say enough how lovely they all are.   But now, a new release from her! And last night she released them for us little avi;'s too.

Introducing... (fake drum roll)

                                       The Tiny Nereida Mermaid!
There are 6 colors all with fantabulous names- Anemone (purple),Sea Foam (blue),Wasabi (green),Pearl (white),Flotsam (black),Coral (dark pinkish)- They look like exactly what I think a little girl mermaid should.
these are sooo pretty and look so realistic,the fins look like real fins, and the gills (I think mermaids have gills) are fantastic. Andd BUBBLES! I love the bubbles!  These pictures do not do them justice at all. They are awesome!. You can purchase these with a mermaid ao (which comes with 16 animations and is omg adorable!) or without.  And with summer coming. I have decided I am gonna live in the water! I hope chocolate is water proof!
Oh yes, I know some of you have wondered where the cute little Faerie mouth munchies have come from, they are also at Evie's Closet. And she just released two more.  

The Orange one is a new style. A Mermaid Munch, it's is so cute lol, bubbles rise from around it. The purple one is for RFL, all proceeds from the sale of this one go to RFL, she has an adorable giggle that you hear when you walk.

I was only able to show you a small amount of clothing and accessories at Evie's Closet, but she has so much more. I love her Flower Wreaths as much as I do her Circlets. Check out the sim Oubliette While you are there, tons of places to take amazing pictures, and cute little stores tucked in so many places. Its like a Mystical Forest, with caves and such. I could look around for hours there.

Evie's Closet-All outfits, and accessories
Fantasy Fairy- Wings
Photos done by me, and my amazing Mom Katey Coppola.
Poses- Glitterati and Sassafras
Hair- Truth-Tesa Reds

Until next week!
Abby <3


  1. So adorable abbers <33 *runs to get a mermaid outfit*

  2. So lovely and pretty Abby <3 amazing job!!

  3. oh adorable! I love it all and great pics! but are you eating a mermaid in the last one! what the heck abbers hehe !

  4. Hugs you all big!! <3 and yes Dolly, a mermaid, haha, the other I am eating a faery.. aren't they cute? :))

  5. cute post and great pics! good job abby :)

  6. What a fun post Abby :o) Loooved it!

  7. *noms a mermaid* AWESOME POST, Abby!

  8. how do you do this???!! im really interested!

  9. Its sooo nice! It makes me wanna believe in fairies more!!!