Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello, I love you won't you tell me your name?

Woo! Happy Friday everyone! I can SMELL the weekend it's so close. It smells like sugar and clean laundry! Riley here, filling in for Jane JUST for today. I love Fridays, because it's the weekend and because it's 50 linden friday! And anyone who knows me, KNOWS I consider shopping a sport. I LOVE to shop. So I got up, all excited to see what those amazinngg stores have out for us today. And, like every week, they never fail at putting out such AMAZING stuff. SO eyes open while I quickly run through some of my faves!

I tried to keep this post not TOO heavy with pictures. I'm not sure I succeeded *laughs*. OK so here are two of the poses I grabbed that were out for 50L. First off, HUGE thank you to Marianne Eiren for helping by posing with me for a lot of this post! Also my SL Mommy for being awesome and posing too! The first pose on the right is from SIA. It's called Guess who and it's so so great! It's sweet and such a fun pose. The one on the left is from Small and Cupcakes called soar. This is one of my favee mother daughter poses. It's so very precious!

The oufits in the first photo are BOTH 50L items too! The one Marianne is wearing is called Bells from Inner Peace and the super cute one I am wearing is called Juniper from Babydoll's Boutique!

Now, the first outfit I wanna show you is from Baby Couture called Marienne! It's a super summery outfit complete with a super adorable, flowery, beachy tank top and awesome matching shorts! The shoes that Marianne is wearing in this photo is Surf Co.'s 50L item; Shoelace Sandals - White. Although Surf Co. may be an adult store, these sundals are very much kid friendly and they're SO unique and keyyyute!

I love looove sleepovers and I'm picky about the sleeping back I bring with me or carry out for my friends! This one is sooo great and from Sassafras Kids Furniture, made by our very own Abby! It's really neat because it's all nice and neat when it's laid out, and when you lay IN it, it totally covers you! Now the PJ's I am sporting here is Cadybug's 50L item called Snow Bunnies (WOO Cabin 5!) and the HAIR I am wearing is from Tuesday's featured hair place Tiny Bird and it's their 50L item too. Really, 50L hair dont you LOVE it!? It's a small little braid that hangs over your left shoulder.

The next outfit I'd love to show you is Aura's Giraffe Outfit! It's complete with sandals, short, top and even jewelry! We're both wearing it in the left photo! In the right picture Marianne is wearing one of Larnia's 50L outfits as she sits on The Loft's item, which is The Alex Pouf. It's a flowery ottoman with multiple poses! It's such a great piece isn't it?

Love lazy days! Just vegging is sometimes the perfect remedy for a frown. I got this Lazy day outfit from Larnia. It's the second of the TWO items they put out. It's perfect for just hanging around! Now no beach trip is complete without your music and your beach essentials! I'm cartying my shoes and all my important stuff with this fabbity fab summer beach tote from Scoop! And I may be only 5 but love the classics- Spice Girls!! I have with great CD mouthie from GiggleBox! Of course I scooped it up for 50L today!

And that is all! Of course there were a WHOLE bunch of different items from some amazing places, and I would LOVE to have blogged them all! So remember to get your copy of both the Fifty Linden Friday Lists (both adult AND kids are perfect!).

This is Riley filling in for Jane. Have a safe and sweet weekend!


Riley Sapphire


  1. I love reading your posts Riley and this one was great! <3<3

  2. Awesome Riles!!!! <333
    Yay the Spice girls!

  3. *Sings... Hello I love you won't you tell me your name* <3 Love it Riles!