Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Sun has got his hat on....

So this past weekend, Me and my sissy Jane were out and about shopping and decided to go swimming! Now that it's getting warmer we figured a nice morning down on the beach would be fun. so Jane grabbed our friend Marienne and off we went!
Of course we had to make sure we were dressed appropriately, so we put on our swimming costumes and grabbed our floaties. So today i am going to show you how cute we all looked, and where you can go to look just as cute!

As soon as we got to the beach Jane rushed ahead with her bucket & spade yelling 'i'm making a sandcastle!' She is such a dork sometime's; she even chose a bucket & spade to match her outfit.

This very cute sandcastle is Sway`s Sand Castle in purple & teal. It has this cute animation in it for building the castle, and it's just perfect for decoarting beaches with.
After me & Mari finally dragged Janey away from her castle it was time for some picture posing!
We grabbed one of [BCmunchkins] cute poses and posed in the sand.

Mari was a little bit heavy for Jane though...or maybe Jane is just weak, but she sunk into the sand. Poor Jane was complaining all day about finding sand between her toes after that.
The Piggyback pose is so keyuuuute and is perfect for silly poses with your friends. Check out [BCmunchkins] for more poses. It's an awesome little store & the poses are so well done.

After posing and being silly, we put on our floaties and went for a swim.

All these swimsuits are lovely, and the floaties are perfect for lazing around in the water. Both Jane & Mari's swimsuits are both from Babydolls Boutique. Dolly's swimsuits are awesome and so floaty and girly. I have my fingers crossed super tight that she'll be making more this summer!
I want to draw your attention to my Reek Duck Tube. It is so much fun and i love walking around in it, even if i'm not at the beach. It has an awesome squeak noise in it, so that when someone bumps into you it squeaks. I think sissy must have spent 10 minutes pushing me around just to make it squeak some more!

On Jane
Hair - Truth - Emme - cocoa
Skin - :GP: - April - Pure
Swimsuit - Babydolls Boutique - Splashin' Bathing Suit - burgundy
Arm Floaties - .:-Catnip-:.

On Francii
Hair- Truth- Mena - swedish
Skin- :GP:- Cupid- Pure
Swimsuit- CCC Tropical Garden Swimsuit
Arm Floaties: Reek - Swimmies - Orange
Tube: Reek - Duck Tube

On Mari
Hair- fri. - Mandy.2 - Anxious Blond
Skin- *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Vienna-L020
Swimsuit- *BB* Florella bathin suit - Yellow

All the Poses used in the picture above are from au soleil; a lovely little store with some very cute poses. Theres tons to chose from and they're all totally cheap & afforadable.
While i was there i grabbed a super cute pose prop too, so after we swam around for a bit we got changed behind our towels and posed for some more pictures.
Look how cute it is! It's called 'Surprise' and come in both a linked, and unlinked version to make it easier to move the poses around. It's such a cute piece to pose in with friends, or if you just want to pose by yourself and make your pictures more interesting.

Poses Used:
All from au soleil
Just Get Back Up
I don't want to miss a single thing
My world revolves around you
au soleil. surprise

Outfit's used in above picture:
On Jane
Hair - Truth- Sienna -Toffee
Outfit - Cadybugs - Cricket
On Mari
Outfit: *BB* Susan
Hair: Uw.St Burly- Hair type A Size L Ginger
On Francii
Outfit: *BB* Emee
Hair: Truth- Drew -Swedish

I apologise if any slurls are missing; SL has been a meanie today as most of you probably know, so i couldn't grab them all.

That's all for today from me!
Don't forget to take your sunglasses to the beach with you, and wear sunscreen!



  1. Adorable post! Like always and such cute pics I love it !!

  2. YAY for summer!! Great post as always! <3

  3. I just love this blog! The beach is one of my favorite SL hangouts- I can't wait to get one of those duck floaties!

  4. *bounces around and seengs* "The sun has got his hat on, hip-hip-hip-hip HOORAY! The sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to plaaaaay!"

    Lovelie post, seesy. <3