Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Friday, I'm in Love!

*carries in armloads of 50L items and drops them all in a pile*

Phew! *sits down in the middle of all my stuff and starts sorting*

Ohai guys! So. Summer is definitely, definitely here. You won't believe all the adorable stuff on this week's 50L list; from flouncy dresses and keychain mouthies to pose chairs and bath toys, this week's list has something for everyone.

First up I want to share this piano pose prop from Glitterati Family. I got up super-early today to wish my Mommy a Happy Rezday, and she'd already bought this piano for us to use! The pose is for one adult and one child and is so wonderfully-done. It made me think of a parent giving their child a piano lesson - very easy, comfortable and loving.

I loved the summery dresses that many stores had out today for just 50L.The first dress, Blaire, from Aura's is perfect for a sunny day. I did a close-up of my mouthie, can you see it? It's a keychain mouthie from Scoop, and has some really cute things dangling from it; my favourite is the cherry Chapstick! Yum! I love the details on this keychain - you just have to check it out!

And at Larnia Kids, you can pick up the second dress, called Fro-Yo - or even grab all three dresses Larnia has out this week, or the sneakers.

Other stuff in these pictures:
Hair: Truth - Kristy - toffee
Poses: DRM 

Be sure to stop by Sassafras and grab the 50L item - this super-fun Square Chair! I couldn't wait to try out the poses so without a second thought, I rezzed it at the Cosmic Scribbles Headquarters and started posing. It comes with six different sits that are really original - I especially liked the peace-sign sit, and the crossed arms pose, which makes you lean against the side of the box. Swagga, right? (Shush, Riley!)

My dress in that picture is the 50L item from Inner Peace, and comes complete with flipflops, bangles, a hairbow and jean shorts. I love the bright colours!

At Gigglebox, I picked up this set of twenty-one bath items! So for 50L, you get twenty-one different things to play with or use in the bathtub.And guess what? Frannie and Riley actually bathed, for once!! Haha, just kidding. <3 We headed over to the fantastic bathrooms at Sassafras, changed into our swimmies and shared our toys.

My swimsuit is from CCC (though not 50L) - it's such a unique design with a piece cut out on the side, and an adorable flower applique.

Oh, and Frannie hoarded all the bath toys! But at least she's clean. :P

Other keeeeyyyyyuuuutttteeee!! 50L items I saw but couldn't squeeze into my pictures were:
- A fun, summery sundress at BabyCouture
- Blue and yellow raincoats, complete with umbrella and rainboots at J4KK
- Capris outfit at QT's
- Summer dress at Babydoll's
- Dangling Kids poses (for one child or two) at SMALL
- Summer outfit at Sassy Smiles

Hope everyone has a fantastic, amazing, sparkly weekend - I know I will! See you next Friday!


Jane xoxoxo

P.s. I might have another post for you later today, not related to 50L Friday, so check back!


  1. Those bath toys are MINE!
    Very Cute janey <3

  2. Omg Why wasnt I invited to the bathtub party :( Great Pose Janeyboo! It made me chuckle a few times.

  3. That's why I IMed you earlier, Abby, to do the bath thing with us <333 I got your "nap time" message. And thank you for the kind words!!! :D :D :D