Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Make a Wave, Make a Wave...

*Gets out her comb and pretties up* Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday! Hope you had a pleasant morning and ate all your breakfast! I've got a new place for you guys to check out and some fun accessories to play around and decorate yourself with. So let's get started!

Today's awesome hair place is Exile, I found it as I was hopping around through hair places one day with Jane. Their hair is SO different and super great. All of their Styles are unqiue some are amazing for modelling and some are so wicked for everyday stuff! This hair I have on is called the Amelia, it's a short and awesome and toootallyy rocker chic! It's awesome for those hot summer days when you're running around!

Next on my list is this totally messy but rocker hair from the shop. It's got this great floral headband sitting right behind the parted to the side bangs. It's choppy and it's totally great! It's called Dominique. I actually love Exile hairs too because they come with like 6 different shades per colour. I wear Dark Browns so there are some awesome shades in the packs I grabbed. You will for SURE find your perfect shade here!

The third hair I pulled for you is the Maris. The best thing about this store, is that you can find curly and wavy hair too! As you can see it's medium to short in length and curls a little at the end and the side! It's such a sweet do! The bangs are long but not too long where they cover your eyes. It's super kid friendly and I just lovee this hair.


So for todays look, I pulled from a bunch of different pieces. I did a MASSIVE inventory cleaning and organizing that was one year in the making and found some great pieces! For Shoes I have on the Aura Tennis Shoes from Aura's, they're colour change so they go with literally everything. For my leggings, I've taken them from the [Baby Couture] outfit called Aqua Glam Outfit. My Skirt I pulled from Babydoll's Boutique fit Regan, I adoree the bow on this piece. My top is from :::Forever Young:::'s, ::FY:: Princess Fit, it's got this great Hello Kitty print on it.

For my accessories I have on my right wrist, GiggleBox's Parent/Child Bracelet. This piece is awesome if you're a kid, because it has a bunch of different animations on it for you and your parent(s) to enjoy. So if you cuss, you get in trouble. It also has this cool leash feature where your parent can drag you around, like when they're shopping and you go AFK. It comes with hugs and a whole bunch of awesome features! The bracelet on my left is from Babydoll Boutiques Jill outfit, and the ring is from Mocha. In my mouth I have LacieCake's  Toothbrush NomNom - Pink Glitter. It's soo awesome and such a silly mouthie. I love it. Lastly for my earrings I have on :::Forever Young:::'s Gumdrop Earrings and they totally complete the look!!

Now I want to show you this awesome set from Lacie Cakes called *LC* - Office Infiltrated Mischief Set (AD). Now I am a little trouble maker sometimes, so when I feel like making a slight mess, I always turn to one of Lacie Cake's awesome mischief sets. The other day, she released this great set, I just HAD to buy it and get into it with my Sister Bella.

This set was soo much fun, we took over mama's desk. It has papers, pins (which Bella sat on). Handprints, garbage and all this awesome office stuff that you can totally play with! Sadly though, Bella "slipped" on paper and fell into the garbage can. As retaliation, she flicked ink on my favourite Babydoll's outfit outfit! Tragidy I tell you, totally tragic. Don't worry though, I'll get her back!

I'd like to take a second to show you my fourth hair from Exile, the Carrie. It's one of the longest hairs I own and I adore it to bits because it's curly! Like actually curly and it has flexi pieces too. It's a hald up- half down hair style and it's so very pretty! I just adore it.

On Bella:
Top-(NO) Terrycloth Tunic - Pink
Jeans- (NO) Sequin Heart Jeans
Hair- fri.day- Kate - Browns
Shoes-*BB* Solstars

On Riley:
Hair- Exile-  Carrie
Oufit- *BB* Isolde

And that is it. Hope your week is awesome and sweet, enjoy Exile and all the awesomeness I've shown you and stay amazing. Be true, Be Special, most of all stay you.

Cuddles and Squishes,
               Riley Sapphire


  1. Oh I love your hair selections. I have never been to exile! I do believe I hear hair shopping in my future (tonight) Awesome as usual Riles! <3

  2. Cute!! I went and grabbed a few myself :D

  3. So cute Riley !! Keep up the adorable posts!!

  4. Loved it, Riley!! <333