Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hair Fair 2010!! We're like a melody with no words...

I was SUPER fortunate to be accepted to attend the Hair Fair Blogger day, the day before it opens (Sept 3rd)! It was pretty lag free and SO overwhelming. There are 4 different sections to it and each section holds a STACK of tents. But don't fret- don't panic you will get through it all. (That's what I said to myself anyway). Remember when you get there to start from the beginning, see everything. You don't wanna miss an awesome hair! Also DON'T go by the names you already know. Explore a little more, try on demos. If you see something you think you may like, no matter the name- Try it on, who knows... it may be your next favourite hair!

Now I've brought you 9 hairs that I fell IN LOVE with. Some are from shops I already love and some from shops I have NEVER heard of. But remember, this is only a tiny sample of what is there. I have a bunch I am holding on to, to show you at a later date when I more or less feature hair shops on Tuesdays. Now the SLURLS I have listed are to the MAINSTORES only, not the hair fair stall. These CANNOT be found at the mainstores yet. I will tell you which section of the fair they are at though.  (Hair from Truth -Minx. Outfit from Bellies and Inner Peace, Glasses from Reek, Makeup Purse- *LMC*)

*WARNING* This is a very lond winded post, full of AWESOME hair and photos!!

This is a great hair from Miel. I grabbed two hairs from there and this was my favourite of the two! It's a softer, sportier hair than I usually wear but it's SO great! It's got little waves and wisps that really give it a sense of realism! (Hair Fair Section 1)

Outfit: Ready to Rock-Larnia Kids
Eyes:Sugar and Spice-Bella's Twilight Boutique
Hair: Cosmo-Miel

The second hair I pulled out for you is my favourite out of all the ones I've bought. It's from lamb. It's very simple but so very pretty. It falls really nicely and is great for photos as you can see! Now I would like to take a secon and point out the eyes I am wearing throughout the post. They're made by one of my best friends, IsabellaCullen Swansong. She's just recently opened Bella's Twilight Boutique and she makes these AMAZING eyes. Yes she sells Twilight eyes (including ones with Jacob & Edward's reflections), but she has SO many more in differeny colours. She actually has a collection where the pupils are hearts! They're SO perfect and so sweet and right now they're all I wear! (Hair Fair Section 2)

Outfit: Cat-Larnia Kids
Eyes:Starry Night-Bella's Twilight Boutique
Hair: !lamb. Heart- Lamb

This is from a store I'm not usually shopping at. It's a SUPER cute hair and it's very girly with an awesome little headband and such. This one is from [kik]! It's totally a must have! (Hair Fair Section 4)

Outfit: Willow-Babydoll's Boutique
Eyes: Cotten Candy-Bella's Twilight Boutique
Hair: Yuko-Kik

Now, you know this store because we've blogged it SO many times. But never for it's hair and I'd like to show you this super perfect hair from! It's so perfect! The waves in it are amazingly cute and great for a little girl and the bow it so sweet and colour change! (Hair Fair Section 4)

Outfit: Presley Nightie-CCC
Eyes: Starry Night-Bella's Twilight Boutique
Hair: New Haven-

 Is this not the cutest hair ever? I adore it. It's from, yes is at hair fair and all 3 of the hairs are amazing. So amazing I'm showing you two! This one is so very sweet. It's long with this amazing, large ribbon
this is colour change. As you can see I was feeling pink here! This is a hair you toootally need! (Hair Fair Section 3)

Outfit: LuLuBelle-Candii Kitten
Eyes: Pinkalicious Eyes-Bella's Twilight Boutique

This is number 2 from's fair release! It's very cute and the messy ponytail bun is just so great! As you can see it looks super good with any random headband too! (Hair Fair Section 3)

Outfit: Viv- :>Inner Peace<:
Eyes: Starry Night-Bella's Twilight Boutique

 This is a new store I am blogging for the FIRST time- Berries! I actually found it at the fair and fell in LOVE with the hairs from here. I actually ended up going to the mainstore and checking that out. There are only a few there as well, but I'm HOPING that the designer chooses to continue and make more!! The hat is colour change with just a click and it's SO so precious! Check it out! (Hair Fair Section 2)

Outfit: Nautica-Aura's
Eyes:-Bella's Twilight Boutique
Hair: hair Lotta darkbrowns-

 This is the second I grabbed from Berries. Isn't it so sweet?! The hate again is colour change and it's such a classic little girl hat and hair. I LOVE that it's perfect for the coming fall season! (Hair Fair Section 2)
Outfit: -Aura's
Eyes: Deep Sea Eyes-Bella's Twilight Boutique
Hair: hair sam darkbrowns-
The last one I'll be showing you for now is from Scribble. It's a cute pigtail set! This is actually one of the hairs where 50% of the proceeds go to Wigs for Kids! This is a great thing too- if you see any hair you like that is marked for 50% of it going to the charity, please don't hesitate to buy it! (Hair Fair Section 1)

Outfit: Precious- :>Inner Peace<:
Eyes: Deep Sea Eyes-Bella's Twilight Boutique
Hair: Saturday Morning/Brown- Scribble 

That's it! For now.. Make sure you check out the Hair Fair 2010! Starting Sept 4th! This is one fair you DON'T want to miss. Remember- Yes it is overwhleming, but take it in stride! Happy Shopping!

Riley Sapphire


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