Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Fight... Heard Around the World!!!

:: Warning :: Do NOT blame me if you decide to buy this and get in trouble/grounded from your parents. I'm just showing it because SL won't let me on without crashing. My graphics card is seeing the last of its days. So instead of not blogging at all today, I looked to see what I had on my computer. Muahaha... oh yes, a video I made!
*Frying Pan Not Included*

The "Kick Butt Animator" by Abramelin Wolfe, is not intended to be a combact weapon. Its for "fun" and actually I used it for self defense 2 weeks ago while shopping. This newb guy kept bumping into me and said he was kidnapping me!!! AHH!! (he def. didn't know me, otherwise he wouldn't want me...) So I said, "Oh yeah! You messed with the wrong kid! Take that!" and started to defend myself aka Kick Butt!!! Not to say fighting is right... but in this case it helped me out!

How does it work??? When only 1 is being worn, only you will do the "butt kicking." So don't stand next to your parents or granny. You'll get in uber trouble... trust me its a fact! When there are 2 or more avatars wearing one, you both will fight when you walk into one another. The set is sold with 5 of the animations, so you can keep 1 for yourself and hand them out to your friends. Its just a goofy way of saying, I love you!!!

Also, no one was really tech. hurt from this and yes... the end is the truth!!! :) I hope you enjoyed!

Shoutout: To the girls in the video. That day was so much fun and I laughed soooo hard! If anyone wants to take on the champ, you know where to reach me! :)

Lowi Wins \o/


  1. hahah! I love it Lowi. but nono you dont win! :P

  2. Great post Lowi! Francii you're grounded for fighting

  3. Momma! That was ages ago though. My scars are healed now!

  4. *covers my mouth and laughs* haha Frannie's grounded!!!

  5. It was on July 20th, so don't let her fool you with "ages ago" ;) A little over a month ago.

  6. *runs to get this* AMAZZZING

  7. I know Lowi. I raised a hellion. But she's so adorable... when shes asleep <3