Sunday, August 29, 2010

G.I. Joes, Stuffies, EZ Bake Oven, Dollies, and more.... Whats in your toy box???

Puts down my crayon and moves my Christmas wish list over to the side. Yup, you heard it Christmas list!!! August 25th was the marking of 4 months to go until CHRISTMAS! I'm trying to prepare early for Santa b/c I plan to be on the good list... uhh somehow! So, in case you don't know what toys are really out there, here's a way to prepare (says in a deep powerful voice) FOR THE FUTURE! You know, like a movie narrator guy would do... Here we go... a blog about some of my favorite TOYS!!! ... breaks into a musical... "I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feeeeeeeel soooo sad!"

With being kids, we all like to have TONS of toys. I could name off so many in my inventory that I'd love to share but I figure wow the blog would be way too long. Plus, I need to save stuff for other blogs!!! Not only will you see some of my top favorites, but I asked random kids who were online in one of my groups, to share with me on their favorite toys as well. I like getting the kid community involved with things, so here's just a fun simple way of hearing other people's voices. They were all asked the same question.

What's your favorite toy in your inventory?

  • Alana Sommer: Sweet bunny - by Kianta Silverfall
  • Candii Destiny: Girls Wagon & *Purple Beetle* - from Abby Lane
  • Candii Destiny: [C*K] Princess Kitty Plushie - from Candii Kitten
  • Chelsea Grigg: my favorite toy is a bear my daddy made for me. He wrote a lullabye and played it on guitar and put it in the bear. so it's my most favoritest thing. But my 2nd favorite toy is a doll called *LPL* - Fall Doll in Violet - Babydoll Top - Hug - Liny Clary. She's just soooo adorable. I love that doll
  • JamieJo Myoo - Hopa - by Stiefel Schridde
  • mookie Criss: my favorite toy is the wagon from - reek
  • Rory Larnia: EZ Bake Oven - "you know for kids"
  • Rory Larnia: Coraline Doll - don't have a store but maker is Cricket Nelson
  • Sienna Chatterbox: any of my ladybugs from all over
  • zoey Sumoku: Reek - Bullhorn

Alright, here are some of my favorite toys!
Outfit: Larnia Kids - i love me

Pogo Ball - CatniP  * SkipIt! - [SARS] * Mini-Karaoke - *Nylon Outfitters*

(My fav) Holding & Huggable Hobbes - Reek * Kyoot Deer - [Pink Fuel] 

Cookies & Milk - RC Cluster
:: Warning :: If you decide to "test" Santa's cookies and milk... do better than me and not get caught! I just can't help it though. My Daddy makes the BEST cookies for me.

Sorry for the late post, I've been soooo busy this week. I tried to make up with a fun blog!!!

Shout out: to my daddy, aka Beefcake.. the guy my friends drool over.. yeah I know. I think some friends only like me cuz they think my dad is cute... ewwww!!! Anyways... I love his cookies.. oh and you're slacking Daddy! I need a fresh batch!


  1. This is so cute Lowi! I love seeing all the toys out there!

  2. beeeeefcake ROFL!!!!! Gawd Lowi I love you haha