Thursday, September 2, 2010

Love like Woe

*skips in singing*
You must know by now i love poses, right? ... You didn't know? Really?
Well i do! But it's not just about poses for pictures. I also love furniture with awesome poses. There's nothing better than finding super cute furniture that also has awesome poses built in.

First up i wanted to show you this super cute pose from [BC]Munchkins. Kylei was nice enough to pass it to me and i adore it! It reminds me so much of my RL childhood. I used to get my grandpa to draw my heights on the wall of my grandparents kitchen. I had a little smile on my face when i saw this.

Now the best bit about this post is the fact it's all bright and colourful. See that bedset behind us? That's The McKenzie Bedroom set from Sassafras by our very own talented Abby. It's been out a while now but if you haven't been to look at it you really should 'cause it is truly awesome.
For a pose addict like me nothing beats furniture with lots of sits built in and that's what abby does.
*waves her head around to get the blood flowing again* I shouldn't sit like that for too long. I get dizzy.

Not only is the whole McKenzie Bedroom set bright, happy & super cute, it comes with so many items. Not everything is pictured but i can tell you it is all awesome. Of course you can always split the set up and rez things seperately. I love these chairs and i would use them anywhere to just hang out with friends.

My favourite part of this set from Sassafras is the bed and the best thing about it has to be the sleep pose! I'm lazy... really, people tell me all the time i'm lazy. So i can't beat curling up in bed, and what's best is the bed rezzes a teddy to cuddle up to too.
*wakes with a start* Oops Sorry. I'll finish up.

If you want to see The McKenzie Bedroom Set in full head over to the Sassafras mainstore and check it out. I'm off to go and eat icecream. Might wake me! :)

I'll leave you with the song that inspired my blog post title (that has nothing to do with the post as usual :P)

P.S  *giggles* Way to go anyone who noticed the big person in the first picture is Little Me Grown big *hi5*

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