Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hair here... Hair There.. Hair everywhere!

Hey!! I have an exciting new post for you guys. It may only feature TWO hairs but I have a GREAT little exciting fair announcement at the end!

So first to start, I was happily humming and going through my inventory looking for hair to show you when I came up upon my Tiny Bird collection I have going. I decided to pick two for you that I REALLY like. I'm gonna keep it simple this week, mainly because the next few weeks will be FULL of hair!

This first hair I am showing you is from Tiny Bird! It's called Girl Anachronism - Light Brown. It was actually from a 50L set she did of 5 different hairs. It's a crazy fun hair. The bow is SO cute and it's such an adorable hair. I love how simple it looks, but at the same time it's not. It's definitely a fun hair and every little girl should have their hair like this! It's just so awesome.

The other hair I wanted to show you is one I've been wearing a lot lately, it's called Time To Pretend, also from Tiny bird. It's a great girl's hair, it's simple but it's kind of classic. It's actually AWESOME for things like school (like OSE!!) and sports and dancing and just anywhere really. The headband I think makes the hair. It's colour change so you can make it match if you'd like! So it's a totally diverse hair!

Reek- Junior Shades (My new glasses since mama says I need them)
Aura's- *Aura's* Sports Shorts Outfit (pink)
Sh*t Happens - White Tube Socks
::KeWt KiDs::- Starbursts Color Change
LacieCakes - Say Cheese Necklace & NomNom
Candii Kitten- Breezy Sneaks (Newly Relocated!!)
Reek - Bandaids - Polka Dots

I AM SOO VERY excited to let you guys know that the Hair fair is LITERALLY around the corner. The hair fair is one of the fairs I REALLY look forward to going to. As you can see I LOVE hair. The fair is great because a portion of the money raised goes to a group that really could use some help. This year donations are going to Wigs For Kids which I think is an amazing choice. The Hair Fair runs from Sept 4th (Sat) to Sept 19th. For those of you who haven't been to a hair fair, it's basically a bunch of hair creators coming together and showcases a bunch of hairs, a lot of the time they'll have special edition hair that can only be bought AT the fair, sometimes some great freebies and the BEST part is you can discover new hair designers! If you're really feeling abitious, there is actually a HairFait DEMO group, where designers will send out their hair in DEMO form Prior to the fair so you can quickly be in and out! You can join the group- it's free to join, look up Hair Fair DEMO or grab it from my profile. The fair will be great and I will be bringing you some AWESOME styles from the fair over the next few weeks too and hopefully some new designers for you to check you. So stay tuned!

For further information, be sure to check out the Hair Fair Blog!

Have a sweet week everyone!


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