Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bloom in the Ploom

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have a small little LOTD for you with a NEW hair place! I hope your weekend was super fun and for those of you with the Monday off, I hope you had a lot of rest! I ALSO hope that you checked out the hair fair! I went agaain this weekend to grab a few more things to show you all. One of the things I picked up was this super cute hair called  Browns 1 - Crush from Ploom. This was my first venture into the booth since it was not open on Blogger day. The hairs there are so so cute and I even went to check out the main store! Isn't this hair cute though? I love how long it is and the little pins. It is a two coloured hair but it's a really pretty colour!

To top off my awesome hair, I grabbed one of the NEW releases from Candii Kitten called [C*K] Coley Oufit. I just LOVE the boots and it even comes with a super sweet hat! She's got this awesome fall release out that's so warm and cute looking. You definitely need to check it out!!

I hope the rest of your day is amazing and so great! Stay Sweet!

Riley Sapphire

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