Thursday, September 9, 2010

Everyone deserves the chance to fly

The Sun is shining and it's lovely and warm today which is putting a smile on my face. I've been skipping around singing to myself all morning, but i had to stop doing that just for a minute to show you some cute stuff i found.

Since it's pose Thursday once again i wanted to show you all one of th lovely new pose releases from Sweet Moments. I love this store and it's been a while since their last pose release so i ran down to grab this one when it came out.

 The lovely Family Sofa pose is perfect for those conventional familys of Mom, Dad and Kids. My family weren't around to pose for me though. So i grabbed mine Aunty Pet and some of my friends to join me!

See; It works just as well for any kind of family. Sweet Moments also released some other family poses, so go check them out at the store on Jubilee.

I also wanted to show a quick LOTD i'm wearing. I wanted to mix some of my older items in my inventory with some of my newer :)

Skin: Mynerva
Hair: @ Hair Fair - Sasha
Top: CCC - Bellarose in Purple Outfit
Skirt: Fishy Strawberry - mini garage
Socks: Duboo - grandma's socks (Grey)
Shoes: Surf Co - Saturday Moccasins
Bracelets: Glitterbugs - Frenchy Outfit
Glasses: Fishy Strawberry - College Glasses

Poses: All from Exposeur -{.:exposeur:.} Top Model Fall 2010 - Meet The Models

Now back to singing *whistles*