Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh it's time again! 50L Friday!!

Hi peoples! Its Friday again! Wow the weeks keep going faster and faster, pretty soon Fall will be here and then Christmas and.... omg.. I almost just had a panic attack!

*whew* It is just August,
Okay back to 50L friday.
It's amazing how many stores are now involved, over 43 this week. After looking at the list, I decided first to visit the new stores and see what they had to offer and also to see what new talent has come to the Kid Community. I was happily impressed.
First place I went was -Dream Doll!

This outfit is adorable! It is called Nadia. I love the flowers and the leggings that come with it! The shoes, jewelry and hair accessories are included too. Check it out! Giselle is making some awesome stuff already!

2. Little Boxes- This is not a new store, but Ms Sesi has started a kids line with is OMG Adorable!
She has boxed this set up in two different boxes-One is the bed, nightstand and dresser. The second box is the accessories the stools, wallhanging and lamp. The rug is NOT included, I just added that cause well. I wanted to hehe! The whole set is only 48 prims.  Buy both boxes to get the full set that you see here. But its is such a deal. Only 50L for each!

4. Last but not least is TUFT, so totally cute stuff here!
I love the hanging hangout couch, it sits two and you can change the animations, 4 for each!
The puzzle poser is cute! Click to change and pose with two of your friends!  And look at the purple grunge bathroom. Everyone knows I love purple so this is perfect! The Vanity has a writing and a hair brush animation, and you can even bathe in the bathtub or umm.. sit on the potty. Its really awesome!

Keep an eye on these stores. I believe they are here to stay and I can't wait to see what else they release!

That is it for this week, please get the list of all the stores participating in KIDS/50L this week by Joining the group: Fifty linden Friday/kids/ There are tons of really good stuff out there and all for 50L till 12:01am Saturday!

1. Picture- I am wearing- Jolie by Kylei Benoir at [BabyCouture]
2. Nadia by Giselle Melune at Dream Doll
3. Abby (thats me)-Glitterbugs by Francii Loxely -Lishi
   Frannie-Inner Peace by Riley Sapphire -Allie


  1. whoa that's a massive list!!! But I thought you already had a panic attack... hehee <3 cute items to highlight!

  2. Super cuteness Abby!!