Sunday, August 22, 2010

I’m a yummy tummy funny lucky gummy bear!

Incase you haven't heard, there was a grand opening on the 19th. !Just Kidding! noo... I wasn't joking, the store name is called !Just Kidding!... It opened its doors with 4 different designers: Chloe McMinnar, Skyla Cyannis, Lainey Edenflower, & Lala Riler! (sadly wasn't present for questionaire/picture) They all like long walks on the beach, candle light pb & j sandwich dinners, and drinking root beer!!! ...or not but shhh!!!

Lets get this show on the road b/c I have lots of pictures and things to share! sings more of the gummy bear song first, "Cause I´m a gummy bear. Oh I’m a movin’ groovin’ jammin’ singing gummy bear. Oh yeaoooh!"

Yeah that's right! I'm in pink hair! I can rock it out!

Outfits by Chloe: "Chloe" & "Zilla" - matching shoes included - (L to R)
Skyla Ring by Lainey: - you can wear more than 1 ring on each hand.
(I forgot to put my right hand ones on oops!)
I love Gummies! by Lainey: - necklace, earrings, bracelets, yum yum, plushie, nose gummy & 2 big posing bears
Penny not included *waves to my puppy*

Its the new way of swinging! Who wants to sit down anymore on swings? Not I!!! Sienna and I had fun on these Saucer Swings made by Skyla. Watch out though, cuz it could make you dizzy if you have your camera a certain way... I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it!
The Memory Box by Chloe and the Pile of Pillows are by Skyla.
If you join their group, the pillows are a gift right now for FREE!!!

Chippy: by Chloe & the outfit's name is: Talia. Kitty Headband: Lainey Peace necklace: Skyla

Ok there are the pictures now to put their interview... yeah its a long one today everyone. Bare with meee!!! :) Its really worth it! I won't sing this is the song that... oops =X

How did you figure out the name of your business? It's kind of LaLa's fault. She's notorious for saying "Just Kidding". We were all joking around one day saying how it'd be so funny to TP someone to a sim and it say "Please join me in... Just Kidding!". When Skyla was thinking about creating a kids store the lil inside joke came up again & it fit perfectly! just KIDding... get it? ;)

Who's idea was it to work together as a team and start a new store? Well, Skyla brought up wanting to create a new childrens store and Lainey was all for it! The four of us have separate main stores & have shared work space for years. So, it was just kind of natural that we all work together. The idea behind !JK! was basically for us to get away from the "norm" and make whatever idea happens to strike us. In reality, !JK! is Skyla's store and is a place for Lainey, Chloe & LaLa to house the fun ideas they happen to create.

How long have you been planning your grand opening? Since May, 2010 so for about 3 months.

How did your grand opening turn out?: Great! I think at one point in time there were 30 people on the sim!

Do you plan on any other special events coming up in the future? We have a lot of a upcoming gridwide hunts we're participating in as well as the Kids Fifty Linden Friday & 60L Sundays plus I'm sure we'll have sales. The best way to keep updated is to join the subscribe-o-matic or our VIP in world group. The VIP group is $100L to join but it'll be the first group to know about new releases, promotions & we'll be sending out free gifts monthly. Group Name: ! Just Kidding ! VIP Group

If there's anything you'd like to add, please put it here: I know that you see that there are four designers in !JK! but due to LaLa's real life being extremely busy, she hasn't had a chance to release anything yet. We're crossing our fingers & hope she'll be able to in the future! We would also like to say thanks to everyone who joined us at the ! Just Kidding ! grand opening & to all the bloggers & Cosmic Scribbles for helping us spread the word. We were so excited about finally opening & so happy that we had such a fantastic turn out! We couldn't have done it without you! <3

Do you have an item that seems to be more popular than others right now?
Chloe: Yes, Chippy seems to be rather popular. Hehe
Lainey: 1st place is the Crayon Eater YumYum, 2nd Place is the Chloe Outfit & 3rd place is the Skyla ring set!
Skyla: The Peace necklace!

Whats your favorite thing you've made?
Chloe: I like Showtime personally, its a lot of fun to play with an i spent a lotta time on it
Lainey: OMG I can't ever pick a favorite! Besides the Chloe Outfit & Skyla Ringset, I think the Candy Bandit belt because it's just a really fun accessory and something I had a lot of fun making.
Skyla: I'd have to say the Cottage Playhouse! It was the first building I've ever made and it took me a really long time to make. Because I took my time on it, it's something I'm really proud of!

:::::::Fun Questions Now:::::::

Favorite thing in your inventory?
Chloe: allll my gestures of course ^_^
Lainey: My Pie thrower XD *splat*
Skyla: My clothes!

Favorite food?
Chloe: uhm, do i gots to pick just one? I like pasta and candy, and candy, and oh.. pizza. Nom nom nom.
Lainey: Waffles & Pancakes *wipes the drool off my chin*
Skyla: Home made Mac 'n Cheese

Cream or crunchy peanut butter?
Chloe: either! *dives into a big jar of peanut butter*
Lainey: Creamy
Skyla: Crunchy (as Skyla says EWWWW to creamy peanut butter)

Favorite movie?
Chloe: Robin Hood Men in Tights, Monty Python Holy Grail, and Avatar. Woot!!!
Lainey: I loves romantical stuffs *starry eyes* so, Emma is my favorite movie! It's kind of OLD but it has Gwenyth Paltrow in it and is based off the book by Jane Austen, or so my mommy has told me.
Skyla: Anything with vampires in it. Team Edward!

- - - So there you have it! I hope you didn't mind the longer interview blogs. No singing today like I promised! ... holds back.

In the new today: Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery! (hehehee)

- peace out and stuff like that -

Lowi Foxtrot & Penny the beagle

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