Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anyway you want it, that's the way you need it- Nah Nah Nahhhhh

Gooood Morning lovelies! I've got a super simple but adorable LOTD for you today. As many of you now know, I'm on vacation, so this is following my vacation colourful theme.. thing! I wanted to show you this dress because I LOVE IT! It's CUTE it's perfect for the end of summer and it's so so sweet. BEST OF ALL it's named Riley! That's right! This amazing awesomely named dress can be found at Candii Kitten. It's a full outfit, dress, tee, necklace AND awesomely cute shoes, all in one. To make this dress even more sweet, the little hair lilly is just the perfect little 'thing' for this outfit! Annndd... it's called Riley! haha. To top off this super great LOTD, my very simple and kid friendly Maitreya hair called Maitreya Malou. I'm wearing the Cocoa colour from the Browns pack. It's actually very very kid like. It's medium length, some of the hair is tucked behind your lefy ear and it's just all around a great hair. This is definitely a hair you want to have!

That is all you amazing readers. I'm gonna head back to the beach and just chill. Hope your day is amazing and full of love!



  1. <3333 I love those colors together!

  2. ohhh blue! I'm so wanting this! Awesome design Candii and great blog Riles <3 Have fun on your vacation!!!!