Thursday, August 19, 2010

Keep on Smiling & Kidding around :)

Happy Thursday guys. Wow this week is kind of going fast.
I've got lots to show you today. It's been a while since i did a pose post so get ready for some pictures!

I grabbed some of my favourite people to help me blog the poses from Lovely Smiles. It's a great store and has a bunch of unique, super cute poses. Take some time and go check it out. You're guaranteed to find some you like.
This has to be one of my favourite poses. I love it and fits any friends perfectly; whether you're taking a picture with your girl or boy friends. That's one of my besties up there *waves at Aiyden* He's wearing a super cute T-shirt & Visor from Candii Kitten. The boys store there is super cute, and it's always great to see new boys clothes since there aren't that many boys stores that release often.

This pose shows how unique the poses are at Lovely Smiles. They're great for random fun picture moments. Poor Jamie & Kaity were upset for a while after that silght accident. Sorry i left my gumballs on the floor guys :(  *points down at her friends and smiles* Look at how cute we look :D

You see those kicks & necklace i'm wearing. They're part of an outfit from upcoming store ! Just Kidding !. The store opens tonight at 5pm SLT, and i know theres some fun stuff planned like hunts, MM boards and all sorts of fun stuff for their opening. I got to take a look at the store, and the build is adorable aswell as all the stuff for sale. It's a great mix of stuff from poses to clothes and accessories.
Lets check out some of the cuteness that i got a sneak peek of.
T-shirt: Surf Co
Skirt, Shoes & Accessories: !JK! - Chloe Outfit

I love the colours of the Chloe outfit, it's totally bright and fun and the skirt is perfect for mixing with any outfit like i did.
Next up i want to show you the Francii outfit (named after mee *Squeee*) Its an adorable dress and capri outfit. Really the clothing speaks for itself. It's all adorable so you must check it out tonight.

Right: !JK! Francii

Shorts: [SC] Surf Couture - Shack Shorts
Shoes & Jewellrey: !JK! - Chloe Outfit
Top: *Bellies* Pima Cotton Sweater

I had to throw in this LOTD on the left that i love! I told my big brother Bayly i was feeling sick lately and he passed me a get well gift; One of his New sweaters in my favourite colour! He said i had to wear it to keep me warm so i would feel better :) It's adorable and i can see myself wearing it alot. I paired it with Surf Co's shorts which i love, but i know come autumn this sweater will be perfect with my favourite pair of jeans.

That's all for today. I'm worn out now after shopping at Truth's sale all morning!
Peace out guys
Frannie <3


  1. I am so excited about a new store opening! <33 Their stuff looks so cute! awesome post Franniepants!

  2. Eeeee thats sooo cute frannie <3333

  3. Really great post! We're so excited about the store being officially open today! We couldn't be happier that you like our stuff :)

    Thanks SO SO much Cosmic Scribbles!

    the !Just Kidding! Kids :p

  4. Frannie! So cute! you did great! Love you girl!

  5. frannie your blogs are so cute! Great job!