Monday, July 5, 2010

It's Almost time.... Summer Camp 2010!

I can't believe camp is coming up in less than a week. I know not all are able to go this session, and I really hope by winter camp you will be able to join us too.

My LOTD is inspired by Camp of course, but you can wear it just about anywhere. To the Beach, the lake, and just out to play.

The hoodie is from Reek- I actually got this during winter camp when Jamiejo, Frannie and I snuck.. err. umm, wandered away from camp accidently. .. yah .. wandered away *grins*  I love it, it comes in a ton of different colors, and has a HUD to also texture change the prims. You can wear the hood up or down. If you wear it up, you will need to edit it a lil, but it's not that hard to do :)

My Hair is from Tiny bird, I actually seen it when I went to shopping at Reek last week. Its so cute, I love when I can pile my hair up on my head. It did take a small amount of editing also, but us kids are so used to that, it really is a piece of cake to do. I love the glasses attached to the hair. And the hair and the glasses are mod. So you can shrink the glasses as well.

On that same shopping trip. I was so excited to find these Reek-Slides, these sandals come with various socks, all white with different colors stripes at the top of themm also they come with a socked foot, that makes your feet look ever more real. I think I will wear these all summer.. unless I am barefoot :)

The little tank shirt under the jacket is actually a bathing suit top from Babydolls Boutique, Its perfect to go with the most perfect shorts in the world.
These shorts are from Artilleri (I always have to look to spell that word right) Johanna highwaist shorts. I bought these last summer, and I have worn them a ton since them. They are high enough on the belly, that parents love them *rolls my eyes, parents and their hangups about showing skin huh?* I chose to wear them without the cuffs, well because I am not a big fan of short cuffs, they always seem to disapear inside my leg. The shorts come in a lot of layers, so make sure you are taking off the right ones, Last year I accidently took off the wrong layer and felt an immediate draft in the back. I was so embarassed.

Who can go to camp without a stuffed animal? I know I can't but shhh don't tell the world. My Auntie just  gave me the Geeky Sock Monkey, from RC Cluster and I am now very attached to it. I know he will be going with me. My purple elephant Ada is another one that I will be packing to take to camp. It is at Sassafras in the RFL Kiosk  She is named after my sister in law Ada that died from cancer at the age of 46. I will definitely have her too. (whispers and a few others tucked away in my back pack too)

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and see some of you at camp here in a few days!!
Lots of love to everyone <33
Abby :)

Hair-Tiny Bird & Reek - Soon Enough-Tiny Bird
Reek - Laundry Day Hoodie-Reek
Tank-*BB* Pink lil hula Bathin Suit-Babydolls
Shorts-Artilleri-Johanna high waist shorts
Geeky Sock Monkey-RC Cluster
Ada the Elephant- Sassafras RFL Kiosk-


  1. I love this! and imma steal that monkey at camp, jus sayin :D

  2. Ummm no! But I might share with you for a few mins! and ty Frannie! <3333

  3. Awesome Job Abby..... Your Too cute <3

  4. jacket had already - check lol; hair getting cuz it's to cute to pass up & really does look like summer time hair :P shorts meh i got some shorts *I think* hmmm sock munky - very cute