Thursday, July 8, 2010

Frannie's Mix & Match

*counts on her fingers* ONLY TWO DAYS!!
To Camp that is. I'm so excited to just hang out for a week with some of my favourite people!

Today is a mix of things i just wanted to tell you about; for those going to camp and those who aren't.

Firstly i want to mention this awesome sale at EmJay. You may know EmJay Kidz from kids 50L Friday, Well the mainstore is 1 year old and so for the next few days there is a sale on, and even items from Hep C,  La'Licious & Glitterbugs [Ooops, shameless self promoting].
But you really should head out there and check out the super cute summery shorts for sure. I know i'm going to be wearing mine all week at camp!

Now you all know by now i'm in love with poses so i cannot do a Thursday post without mentioning some. And oh my gosh this set is perfect for summer. The lovely Miss Whitfield was sending review copies out and i was lucky enough to get a copy.

This pose set from Storin comes with the Rubber Ducky and Swimming cap when you buy the full set. It's an awesome pose prop and i love it! You can be sure i'll be posing for pictures at camp in these. The Swimming cap even comes with hair attached!

Now, with it being so close to camp i'm sure alot of you will already have yourself packed and your bunk decorations sorted. But for those of you like me, who leave everything to the last minute i ran around some stores to see what was on offer.
From the top:
1.  La'Licious
2. Inner Peace
3. Candii Kitten
4. Aura's

All of these bunks are perfect in their bright, colourful colours! I know there are other places out there with camp bunks; but these were some of my favourite. If you haven't bought yours yet it's worth going to see which you prefer and testing them out because they all have a bunch of different animations and poses in them!

Oh my gosh! Check out this cuteness new release from Larnia Kids too! It's perfect for camp and summer. It's a huge release of mix and match items and they're super cheap. You can't beat socks for $5!
The ~* Larnia Kids *~ Cooler Bag is so cute too. If you click it it gives out soda! How perfect is that, and it comes in a bunch of different colours too, so you have to go check that out.

Yesterday i was also sent this awesome car i just had to fit into this post. You may remember a while ago Abby blogged a little red buggy from Blackberry Jam, well this is another cute car from the wonderful store. The [Blackberry Jam] Kiddy Wheels! I'm going to sneakily bring it to camp so i can drive around the beaches. It may help me get to the canteen before everyone else for breakfast! Mmmm pancakes.

It's colour change, texture change, attaches to your avatar so you don't have to rez anything AND you can even let friends ride with you to with the help of an extra 'saddle' object. Oh and it comes with kid and adult size so it's perfect for family trips. It's so awesome! So hop on over to Blackberry jam and check it out. Just look out if you see me driving around; i'm not a good driver.

There was something else i wanted to tell you guys; but with all the excitement of camp it's escaped my head. Oh well, i'm sure i'll remember!

Don't forget tomorrow is friday, one day closer to camp, and i can tell you now that there is going to be some super cute items out for Fifty Linden Friday /Kids/ so be prepared for your little feet to get tired after hopping through all the stores!

Peace out!

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