Friday, July 9, 2010

Always gonna be an up hill battle, sometimes I'm gonna have to lose...

*claps and jumps around* CAMP SOOOON!! Now I know you all were expecting a 50L blog, but we figured there would be SOO much stuff out and to sort it and blog it would be insane and I really feel bad when I leave people out. SO, since I had to miss Tuesday, I will be blogging Camp Hair styles for you all!

I've gone nd chosen 3 hairs I think are perfect for camp! Since we'll all be running around, these are 3 'Do's' where your hair is out of your face and off your neck to keep you cool!

This one is a GREAT camp hair. It keeps your hair off your face and is perfect for running around camp doing challenges and such. This one is from Truth and called Drew. It's actually one of my fave hairs right now, it's PERFECT little girl hair!!

This hair is actually really great. It can be dressed down for camp and actually if you toss on a nice beautiful little bow on the ponytail and wear one of Babydoll Boutique's newest gowns, it'll look SO pretty and so great for a ball! This hair is a little more whispy but it's great and for the most part pretty freeing and perfect for a day in the heat or even a day swimming! This is a total must have and from and called Mandy2!

The last hair I wanted to show you is from Truth again and SO SO great... just because it's called Riley. How cool is that, Riley wearing Riley! It's pretty cool though because you can change the headband to match whatever you're wearing. Again, the hair is up and pulled off your face for maximum campage comfort! Everyone should definitely own the Riley hair. *Pokes her tongue out and giggles*

Now I KNOW you're looking at my outfit and thinking, 'How camp are those shorts and tee?' It's a cute little outfit and made a newer designer to SL. Lishi Moonbeam, the owner of Whimzie. She's put out these awesome shorts and tees and they're SO cute because you can mix and match them. They come with SUPER cute prim socks as well. They're very camp like and are easy to wear, and not prim heavy, which is good sometimes at camp! The shoes I have on are from Babydoll's Boutique called *BB* Solstars - Scene Skulls! They're SO cute and I've had them for a while now and I'm always wearing them! They're runners and of course perfect for camp!! Lastly on my face, my glasses since I'm totally blind and running and flying into things then ALWAYS breaking my arm, primOptic glasses - stilo from  Prim Optics. They're awesome because they change into a billion colours, so they match EVERYTHING you own!

Remember to tune in ALL week for posts from us, form camp!! Who knows, maybe you'll see yourself in a post! Have an awesome week, those who are attending camp... see you there!!! (WOO Cabin1!!)

See ya on the flip side!
Riley Sapphire