Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Look out....old Macky is back!!

*hums along to some Michael Bublé* Ohhaaaiii there, yes its meeee i'm back!! I hope ya'll missed me and I just want to say quickly i'm sorry I was gone so long, rl had me snowed under a massive pile or work. Also I want to say a hugeeeee thank you to everyone, especially those who supported me so much over the last few months! Now moving on...I know its been a while and I have somehting so cute to share with you today, I just couldn't wait to get it blogged and Daisie kindly said I could steal her spot for today :)

After being away for so long I had -alot- of shopping to catch up on and well as you know I love my furniture so I headed over to one of my favourite furniture stores What Next to see what i'd missed out on and I stumbled across their newest release which was this A-dorable little garden furniture set. Its called the Enchanted Garden Treestump set. The set comes with 4 different types of stump seats and the table. Each seat has around 8 animations in which are all adorable and just so perfect for having a lovely tea party with some friends. The teaset with teapot and muffins you can see on the table are also from What Next and fit perfectly with this set!

The dress I'm wearing today is one of the newest outfits from CCC and its called Willow. I love the color yellow especially in summer because its just so warm and playful. If you haven't already been yet Chelsea has had this amazing new store built and it was finally opened this week along with a few adorable new outfits. You should head down there and take a look around the sim looks so pretty.

And then just as I was logging into flickr to upload today's blog pictures I stumbled across a new picture from Riq Graves, the designer of Reek another one of my favourite stores with this adorable Fanny Pack Gatcha prize. They are so amazing I decided to follow the slurl to go grab one only to discover there is a WHOLE festival dedicated to gatcha's *faints*. I'm secretly addicted to gatcha's and so I did get a little over excited at this thought and just wanted to tell you all about it. It runs from 7/7 untill the 8/11 and here is your taxi to the festival. You should all go check it out :)

So thats it for today...stay tuned for some more exciting post this week, expecially with the build up to camp this week-end *dances around* its finnnaly here only a few more days away!! We'll try to keep you updated with all the essentials you'll be needing and even for those of you not off to camp this summer some adorable little bits and bobs!

*hugs to you all*

-Jamie, xo

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  1. Sissy its awesome to have you back, and great Post <3333