Friday, July 2, 2010

50L Friday! Woot July

*waves* Frannie here today! I'll be blogging some of my fav items from 50l this week. I would show you everything there is to offer but you'd get bored of reading and even i dont shop that much!

So without further ado... here are my must haves this week.

First up on the list and one of my favourites for this week. The Henley Outfit from BabyCouture. I love the pattern; its so so cute!

These two Inner Peace outfits are both adorable! I love the poofy dress in the Reece outfit by our very own Riley. I love the pajamas that are ready for camp too. I'm so excited about starting to shop and get packing!

These Outfits from Larnia Kids are perfect for camp and i love them! On the left we have Larnia's Camping is in Tents outfit and it comes with everything i'm wearing; then on the right we have the Summer Love outfit. As always Rory and Heath out do themselves everyweek and there is so much more to offer this week for 50L.

You all know i can't resist a pose and this pose from Small is such a cute idea. Now i just have to get my momma to pick me up and hope i'm not too heavy for her.

Now we all know i'm one of the two lovely English people on the Cosmic Scribbles Team. So i don't celebrate the 4th of July! But it's a holiday weekend for so many of my friends and the creators for 50L have not dissapointed with their holiday themed items. So here are just a few that i saw & loved!

Also out at my own new store Glitterbugs is this Pinkie outfit with everything included.

Also out at Scoop are some very very cute textures that are perfect for camp. They come with 6 full perm textures so you customise your own letters or diary to send home from camp!
Jumping Jacks has an awesome scooter out this week! LacieCakes also has another cool holiday item. A party Popper belt with tiara and all sorts of cute stuff attached for the 4th of July so check that out too!

P.S I totally forgot that Little Miss chatterbox has an awesome cottage out that i am going to live in! It's my home now :D

After all that shopping i was worn out so i grabbed Sassafras' JamieJo Sleep Pal and relaxed for a little in my Emjay Kidz Shorts that are also both out for 50L. The Emjay shorts come in so many different colours but i put the pretty pink ones on to match my Larnia shirt.
The bear comes with 4 poses built in and i absolutle love the sleeping pose. It has got to be one of my favourite things Abby has ever made!

That's it for today!
Hope you all have an awesome Holiday weekend for those celebrating the 4th of July!


  1. Hugs!! <333 You did great! and some really cute stuff!! :)

  2. Wooot Nice Job and I made the cut!!!!!<3

  3. Momma SugarboobsJuly 2, 2010 at 2:23 PM

    CUTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEE. *steals your bear*