Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer girls

Lots of pictures guys. So wait a lil while for it to completely load.

Hi Everyone! I have a little bit of a different post today. I am blogging from camp. Because we aren't SUPPOSED to leave. So I have gathered some pictures up and some friends and decided to just tell you some of the stuff been going on these first couple of days, along with not one, but 3 LOTD's thanks to my friends Frannie and Chloe.

Camp started off at the Hard Knock Train Station....
~Picture taken by Jaqueline Pinkney

The train station was neat, I didn't get a lot of pictures cause I was too nervous about going through security.. Mr Harrison checked my back pack for contra band.. that is so silly.. like anyone could actually fit a whole band in their back packs? *rolls my eyes*  He did find my chocolate cake I was trying to sneak into camp that my Mami Katey made for me. He took it.. HAHA he has no idea that my Mami can't even boil water. I sure hope he enjoyed it!

After we got off the train we went to our cabin's. The lag was bad, but I don't think it was bad as it has been before. The day was kind of quiet because so much to do setting up and getting to know your cabin mates. My cabin is awesome the girls are fantastic. We even one the very first Cabin wars!! GO CABIN 2!!

After we were settled, me and Lizzie went for a walk and seen this wonderful boat. We just had to sit in it, and sitting there I noticed the keys were in it. Sooo after looking around to make sure no one was around.. I mean no adult could take us out for a ride. Lizzie had the idea of me driving the boat and taking ourselves for a ride. So I cranked it up and the next thing I knew we were flying through the water. It was so much fun.. although, I almost busted up my cabin, luckily we were able to get it parked and sneak.. err run.. er I mean go back to the cabin with our lives.
After such a busy day I was so sleepy. So I climbed into my bunk for a long nights sleep. But sheesh while I was asleep, the girls really pranked the boys good.. what I mess, I was shown some pictures of it this morning! HAHA I am so sorry I missed this one.
I went to peek this morning with Chloe, Frannie and Caitlyn to see if any of the mess was still there.. but nope, all I found was a drooling Heath.. shhh don't tell him.

After we left the stinky boys cabin.. cause it is.. omg its so stinky. I don't think they even wash their feet before they get into bed. I ALWAYS wash my feet before I climb into bed. Anyway Frannie and I went to play on a pose prop that jemima Clowes made. It is so cute and so much fun!

There are 4 poses for each side, it was fun! You should check it out, she makes the neatest stuff- I also have her Teaset Skybox, Voodoo Doll you can personalize with whose ever picture you want, a cute pose prop inch worm. . and so many other things. Her store is called TUFT. Please check it out :) I dont think you will be disapointed

After playing around I knew I had to get down to business.. So I asked Chloe and Frannie to help me with a LOTD for camp, us campers wear anything from jeans, to shorts and even dresses..
~Picture taken by Francii
Chloe has an adorable look, but she does always.
[C*K] Wrangler - undershirt from the outfit-Candii Kitten
retro_skirt(green)simple**nikukyu*-MNK Shop
[0N] petanko cross Shoes-Zero Number
Truth Hair-Valerie-Browns TRUTH

The very adorable Frannie is wearing-
Hair: truth- Roxanna - Swedish-TRUTH
BB Tropics in Red- Babydoll's
Baindaids: Reek- Britta hearts bandaids-REEK

And Me
Maitreya BF Jeans - #07-Maitreya
*BB* Summer Breeze tank tops 5 pack-Hang Ten tank top - girl surf-Babydoll's
*LC* E (K) - Flippy Floppy Necklace-LacieCakes
Hair-!lamb. Found - Resturant Ketchup- Lamb

[ Love Soul ] Nail*Glitter*Blue-LOVE SOUL
[SC] Surf Couture - Boardwalkers-SURF COUTURE

 *takes a breath* Wow, I talked a lot in this post huh? Well I hope you all have as fun of a week as I am having.

Oh btw, I just wanted to say.. The Directors, Jill Caldera and Gattz Gilman have put on an amazing camp for us, the counselors put their heart and soul into each and everything they do. I want to thank them for putting up with us. And making this a memorable week!  I am sure I have missed some. But these are the ones I am awake with.
Thank you all! <33
Cree Roxely
Nevalyn Looming
Amalicious Destiny
Britain Knave
Harrison Knave
Tippy Fizz
Kendra Bailey
Bette Bodenhall
Tabatha Binder
Quincy Dyrssen
Isla Ohmai


  1. Thank you guys! <333 It was a fun post. Camp is such a blast, surprised I didnt ramble for another hour of more!!

    Hugsss you all big!