Monday, May 17, 2010

The things that you do and the things that you say, make me wanna stay.

Hey! Happy Monday everyone, hope the start of the week has been sweet to you. I'm here a day early! We just coudln't WAIT to show you all this amazing skinny and shapey goodness! I will be straying away from my usual hairyness today so sit back and enjoy!

I'm sure a lot of you, walking around and stuff get a lot of questions about your adorable skins and shapes. Asking about where you got them and where they can find them. OR you may be the one wondering where you can find an amazingly cute kid shape and skin. Most kids wear Curio, Curio is known for having some great make-up free skin. BUT recently Babydoll Stardust, the creator of ALL the cuteness at Babydoll's Boutique has teamed up with Rhapsody Wilde the owner of Mynerva to put together a kids shape and skin line!! You should SEE the goodies they came out with!

Above, I am wearing the Aona skin above, with teeth and I'm in LOVE with it. I usually don't like teeth with skins but this one is awesome! They come with both freckles and NON freckles too and they're SO totally affordable!
*points above* Those are both versions of the skin I have from Mynerva Aona pack. The freckle and non freckle option. The good part is, these come in multiple skin types too, so you can go pale.. or sunkissed dark! Now to accent these AMAZING skins, Babydoll revamped her already perfectly adorable shapes, and has released all 17 (YES 17!!) shapes for the skins! And they are SUPER cute! You can the skins at the Babydoll location too, so it's perfect to try on BOTH the skin and shape all at once! (Below are some of the skins offered)

I picked 4 of my favourite shapes from the 17 to show you, they're all different and so SO sweet. All four of these are child-like. They're little angelic and soo great! Below are two of the four shapes in full body shots! Just to give you an idea of how cute they truly are!


Along with these awesome shapes and skins, Babydoll's Boutique released a BUNCH of ADORABLE ballet outfits. They come with the choice of legwarmers or ballet ties, and to wear a tutu or a skirt! There are a bunch of colours too so you and your friends can take dance together and all be wearing different colours. For hair I am wearing's Tatum hair (both 1 and 2) and of course my amazing Mynerva skin!

So don't forget to check out Babydoll's amazing Release and definitely look at Mynerva's skins for amazing and affordable skins!

Peace, love and sprinkles!
Riley Sapphire


  1. I love you <3 My Amazing friend! (cozy)

  2. yay! this is so cute Riley great post .. I don't feel real good today so this made me smile thanks hon !