Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Something old, something new and something bubble-like

It's my turn again. A day late too. I want to thank one of the bestiest friends a girl could have, Riley, for helping me out yesterday. I love ya Riles <3

Today I have a LOTD of course, but also I want to blog about a place. A Place that has been opened since 2005.  And thats the very first Kids Mall. Inner Child Kids Mall. 

Inner child has been a big part of the big community since it has opened. Owned by Apple Pinkey and Fawn Hailey, two wonderfully sweet people.
When I first rezzed in to second life, this was the place to go.. your one stop shopping mall. I got my first outfit here, some of my first toys, my first bedroom.. and a bunch of other firsts :)
It became the leader in showcasing kids stores.  Inner child was the first place I ever rented space for my creations.

As other mall's have came and went, it has always remained. So many creators and designers  here. CCC, Tindra Mills, Marianne Mcann, Loki's, CANDY,Kick the Can,  Pygar's stuff, Aura's  and tons more.. there are skins, shapes, eyes.. etc.. all the stuff us kids are always looking for. Please stop by and have a look, if you need anything ask  Bozz Bloch or Chrisy short the two managers, who Ms Apple says manage the mall beautifully.

Okay on to my LOTD- Today I chose an outfit that I fell in love with as soon as I seen it- Its from Babydoll's Boutique.  It's called Hydrangea.
Today I am wearing the purple one. I just love purple! It is so cute. I love the long skirt it kinda makes me think of walks on the beach in the summer. I wear the top as a layered look, not really sure its meant to be worn that way, but Its how I like  it , The Hydrangea outfits come with bracelets also, you can buy it in purple or orange, both are plain adorable.

My anklets which I love and were given to me by one of my awesomesauce friends,  and fellow scribblers Jane Denimore, I believe they are only sold on xstreet right now, but the creator is Meridian Drake. Look her up she has some cute stuff.
No shoes today, because well I am at the beach, who likes sand in their shoes.. just ewwww.

The van in the background is the coolest, its called Tiki Tattoo-am girly van. They also have a boy van. The Van comes with blankets and pillows to sit around and have some refreshments. Also has a clothes line with all those wet swim suits and stuff.  You can find it at Tiki Tattoo

oh.. oh.. oh.. yes I have something else to share. You know me.. I love my toys! And these floating bubbles found at Scribble are so much fun! *whispers* see what I do when I tell everyone I am building. I love flying around Sassafras.

Oh, I bet you thought I was done huh? I just remembered a "Ask the Scribblers" Question we wanted to answer.

HI!!! Cosmic Scribbles
My question is about finding an item in SL.  I have been all over looking for the top worn posing for the Sassafras pose.  I attached the picture so you can take a look at it.. Thank You Aziah Lysette

LOVE THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Aziah!
These shirts are awesome right! We love them :D
They're the Plaid is Back top from ::MYTH:: and come in lots of different colours and they look perfect with so many outfits.
You can find :: MYTH:: here

Well time to wrap it up. Take care all and remember what you came to Second Life for, to play!
Abby <3

Incredible LOTD picture done bye Kylei Benoir of BabyCouture
Hair by Truth-Grazi, reds
LOTD- Babydoll's Boutique-Hydrangea in Purple
Surfing Van and accessories- Tiki Tattoo


  1. cute and great post =) almost forgot about that mall, was the first one i went to too XD. again, great post =)

  2. Ahh i remember Inner Kids Mall, I got all my first stuff there too. Awesome blog too :D
    Izzy xx

  3. So cute Abby! amaazing post <33 ily!!

  4. Inner child was my first mall too also where Babydolls first started! I had a little stall there and I sold binkys and some very awful clothes and dolls lol yay abby!

  5. My first ever items - the EZ Bake Ovens - were sold out of Inner Child Depot. I still keep my store there. :-)

  6. I seen it there Marianne :) and Dolly yah,<3 I was really going down memory lane with Ms Apple :) So many got their start by renting there.
    And Riles.. I love ya soo big!!
    Izzy and Fiona, I think it was the one we all went to for our firsts!

    Ty for commenting guys! Huge hugs <3

  7. Awww this was such a great blog Abby! IC Depot is where I bought my first clothes as a kid av. And where I first started CCC with a tiny booth and 8 horrible outfits I was so proud of. lol Even after all these years I have to keep my booth there for nostalgia's sake and because I love Miss Apple and Fawn too. :)

  8. It was my first mall shop, too. It's such a shame to see so many open spots in it.

  9. I loved this post! Wow, great job!!! <3333