Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ask the Scribblers - Sad Shopper

 Today we have an ask the scribblers question, so i hope this helps you!

Dear C.S,
So I'm having a bit of trouble..I'm a kid avi in SL but am not certain on how to get money...well make money...
I'm about 4 months old on this account but 2 years SL experience overall--what jobs can I do as a kid? Something decent and reliable, because all the great deals you gurls show me are fanTABulous but I have no money to buy all of them :(
--any suggestions?
Sad Shopper

Dear Sad Shopper,

Well unfortunately, unless your willing to purchase lindens, there aren't many ways in which to earn them.
The easiest ways are to sell creations inworld. So perhaps you could learn how to build, make clothes or maybe gestures and think about opening your own store.
If you don't feel like that's something you could do, try learning a skill, such as photography or DJ'ing. These can be great fun, aswell as letting you earn a few lindens if people are willing to pay for your service.

You could always get a job as a model or CSR, although most kid stores who employ CSR's pay in storecards. But if you love the store enough, that's a great way to get clothes, without paying with lindens. Alot of kid stores have applications and information about this in store.

Don't be scared to learn how to build or make things though. It's great fun to try and learn, and you never know, you may be great at it!

Love, The Scribblers <3


  1. If you are interested in learning to build, I would be willing to teach. There are also lots of places with organized classes. Kids are readily welcomed at most. That's how I learned.

  2. Wanna go to a class together sometime, Lizzy? :D

  3. Hey Sad Shopper, I just open up a business called SL Kids @ Work. We have few post up for business that are hiring in different positions. Come check it out or you can im me in world Jin Chingseng :D