Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ask the Scribblers: Lonely in SL

Hullo, Scribblers.
I've got a real big problem. I don't have any friends to hang out with. 

It's not from lack of trying. I've been a student at Hardknock. I've also been a ballet student at another place. It seems like most kids in these places are in cliques and, although they talk to you, they never want to hangout with you. I want a friend to play with, share secrets with, and share interests. 
How can I find kids and make real friends? Is there a secret I haven't learned?
Lonely in SL

Dear Reader,    

There is no real secret to making friends. It depends on the person and the people they surround themselves with. It takes time to build true friendships with people, and requires alot of effort to keep these relationships going. 

We understand that getting involved in activities seems like a good idea to get to know people, and it is! But making the time to see those people outside of class is important. We all said IM'ing people is the most important part of trying to maintain or start up friendships. Alot of people may not IM you because they may think you're busy doing something else and may not want to interupt you. So it is important that you IM people; even if it's just to say hi. You never know, you may strike up a conversation and a friendship.
Perhaps you could try messaging someone during class at school, and talk about something the teacher is telling you. It gives you something to talk about and will give you a chance to share your interests with someone too.

You could even invite people from your class to your house, or to play a group game like Greedy or something. Doing those sorts of things are always a great thing to do because it lets a group of you bond over something fun! A good time to meet up with people is when you go shopping or while you're doing fifty linden fridays. So offer someone a teleport to join you!

If you don't have plurk; make a plurk. It's a great wait to get to know people and join the plurk community. It's awesome. Without plurk most of us scribblers wouldn't be friends. Also, think about searching for a common ground with people who you already know, who have similar interests in you. For example, if you're a builder look for people who also have an interest in that, so it's something you can talk about or even do together!

We would say Keep doing what you're doing, because it sounds as though you are surroundiong yourself with people. Just take the time to IM them and speak to them outside of those settings. Offer TP's to people if you're doing something fun. Theres a ton of people who feel the same as you; and probably worry they're getting in the way if they IM. So just try it, you never know, you might find your new best friend.

The Scribblers 
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