Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer came like cinnamon, so sweet...

Friday, again?! Oh my gosh! But you know what that means - fun, fifty-linden shopping deals for today only. From bracelets to beach wear, this week's list has something for everyone! Ready to start?

That pretty purple dress is one of TWO 50L items available at Inner Peace this week. It's called Tawny. I love the button details on the top, and of course, the matching shoes. See my bracelet? It's 50L at Prettiful! It's little candies in all different colours. I love unique stuff like this, don't you? My hair in that picture is from Truth - it's called Wendy. It took a little bit of modding but now it fits perfectly.

Here's another 50L one from Inner Peace!

This one is called Lishi, and it's got the cutest capris I've seen in a long time with adorable bows on the cuffs. I think the top is a perfect mix of preppy and relaxed, especially with the pattern on top. My hair is from Tiny Bird - it's called Time to Pretend. It has a little bow headband that's colour-change, so it can match everything. (That's me and Frannie's hangout house in the background - it's the Cuddle Cottage from Thistle and changes to a bunch of different colours too! A girl's gotta have options, ya know?)

Tea, anyone? This tea set with adorable patterns is the 50L item from Dandelions, a brand-new shop that has keyyyyuuuuttteeee furniture and stuff to decorate your room. My outfit is called Abbye Elle, and it's the 50L item from Babydolls. This comes in a bunch of different colours too but the pink one is the 50L item this week.

My shoes are the demi-trainers from ETD, which we've blogged about before. And see my mouthie? It's a Tomagochi, and it's from Gigglebox for 50L this week. It's so cute because the little pet on the screen really moves! Oh, and my hair is Summer, from - it's a cute, relaxed style that can easily go from a day at the beach, to ballet class, to a formal event.

This 50L outfit from Larnia Kids reminded me of my friend and fellow Scribbler, Abby McDonnagh, because look! Sneakers with a dress! *grins* I thought the sneakers were really well-textured, and I love the girly pattern on the dress. I'd even wear it without the leggings, and with some cute shoes, like the espadrilles from Aura's. My hair is Cassie, from There are more 50L items at Larnia than just this one, but I chose this one because of the sneaker-dress combination. :)

And last but not least!

Summer means long, lazy days at the beach with friends and family, and these 50L items will help make those days much more fun. From Wonderkids, a whole pack of beach items - I've just shown three here, but there are also innertubes and rafts! And from Baby Couture, an adorable swimsuit that's stylish but still appropriate for kids. I loved the striped pattern and the little bows on the swimsuit bottoms. Oh, and on my finger is the 50L item from Kewt Kids - a mood ring, so everyone can tell when you're grouchy and will give you chocolate! *giggles*

This week, I used poses from (pda) and .:StoRin:. - can't get enough of their cute poses!

Well, that's all for this week - I hope you had as much fun checking out the 50L kids items as I did. Check back tomorrow for Frannie's post, and don't forget, if you have any questions we can help with, email us at - we'd love to hear from you!

Sun,sparkles and sundaes,
Jane <3

P.s. What's on your list of summer music must-haves? Here's one of mine!


  1. Lufflie post janeypops!
    Love love love that song <33
    you look so cute in the beachwear!

  2. Eeee.. a dress and sneakers!! Tonight I shop!! *writes down Inner Peace, Larnia Kids.... well sheesh I am just gonna go to all of them!
    Oh I love this Corinne Bailey song, it so reminds me of a summer song listened to with your friends <3 Awesome post Janey!!

  3. thanks for posting our stuff C: