Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I can almost see it. That Dream I'm dreaming...

*waves* Happy Tuesday everyone. *Tosses smarties to everyone* Hope your week was amazing, sweet and full of love! I'm gonna do things a little differently from here on out, mostly because I have trouble choosing just ONE hair style!

I would like for you to focus your attention on Tiny Bird! All of today's hairstyles are from here. I've picked 4 of my favourite from this store for you all to see. They're all super SUPER cute and great for kids. The first one I would love to show you is called Heartbeats (I have on Dark Brown). This is such a classic little girls hair. It's so sweet and great for everything. It's a long hair, and the waves are really gentle- not over powering at all. The Bangs are just great and the headband sits perfectly. The Headband is colour change too, so it can match anything you put on!

Hair number two is called Nantes from Tiny Bird. As you can see I favour bangs, and this is a great hair style. Especially if you're having a day where you just wanna pull your hair back but of course you'll wanna stay cute! It's got a cute little two piece headband, that is so awesomely colour change. The detail is great on it, and the bun is soo perfect! It is especially awesome, if you're doing ballet or any sort of dance! Ooonnn to the next hair!

I Love looove jewels and really anything sparkly and pretty. This is called Sleepless and like the others, this has a headband, but it's different! The Hippie style headband on this holds a message on the front. So you could put your name on there, or your fave word (or a naughty word *whistles and looks away*). Anything really as long as it fits the allotted amout of spots. The hair itself is really nice it's got a really soft big wave to it that frames faces sooo nicely!

That is all for the first three hairs.. for the last, you'll need to wait!

Now I have a few accessories on. Starting from the bottom, I have on an anklet from a Babydoll's Boutique outfit called Maddie. It's a super sweet anklet and actually that whole outfit is worth getting! Now, I never pimp my own stuff, but it went really nicely with this outfit and well, anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE twilight. Especially Edward. I have on an Edward name bracelet from Inner Peace. Now for my mouthie, it's actually an anklet, but a mouthie anklet. It's called ::::Anklet with Straz:::: Silver from Iren .It's very simple and very sweet. It's got a small cross at the bottom with a diamond. So if you're religious then this is great, if not, it's still a very pretty piece. The bracelet on my right am is from Forever Young's Princess fit. It's got a cute little flower on it, that matches this outfit soo wel. Now the ring, sandals and outfit are the last I'd love to show you. They come together in the Hesper outfit from Aura's. It's a sweet outfit and the pants are soo cute and unqiue. The ring is a simple ring with a small flower on it. This outfit is so soo great for summer, it's such a sweet fit! You should check it out.

We just moved into our new home yesterday at Little Wonders Community! So I spent my morning lounging around in my *BB* Purple Patches Jammy's from Babydoll's Boutique because I was soooo lazy after a night of unpacking and setting up. I hadn't had time to snatch- I mean borrow mama's curlers, so I used what was left of a pop can collection! I mean hey, a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do to look cute right?? So I donned my Gattina hair from of course Tiny Bird and wondered down to breakfast at about 2 pm for my cereal before getting ready for a day of pictures and driving Mama crazy!

Nooww for whta you really wanna know..

LOTD 1 (photos 1-3)
Heartbeats, Nantes and Sleepless- Tiny Bird
*BB* Maddie Anklet- Babydoll's Boutique
Edward heart Bracelet- Inner Peace
Princess Fit Braclet- Forever Young
Hesper Outfit- Aura's
::::Anklet with Straz:::: Silver- Iren

*BB* Purple Patches Jammy's - Babydoll's Boutique
Gattina- Tiny Bird
Breeze Skin- Curio
Ligh Lashes- Candy

*Does silly camera hand motion* And that's a wrap on Today's Blog, I hope I catch your attention next week. Tune in for a different place to decorate your head and body with!

Have a sweet and loving week.

     Riley Sapphire

*waves and hits post*


  1. So awesome Riley! *steals your cereal*

  2. So that's why the recycling bin was tipped over. :P

  3. Adorable post Riley .. I been loving Tiny Bird hairs also my fave atm !!And I'ma have to go buy your Edward bracelets .. eeeeee <3

  4. Cute cute!! *steals a bowl of the cereal before Frannie eats it all* :p