Sunday, March 6, 2011

My adventures with the Kids Gatcha Festival prizes!!!

Spring Gatcha Festival for kids is here! The festival takes place March 1st through the 28th and I got a sneak peak to many of the awesome prizes out there! If you don't know what a gatcha item is, its where you pay the set price the vendor has and you get a random gift that's inside of it. You never know what one you're going to get and many have "rare" items. I ended up getting some great prizes... I swear they have a script inside all of them, b/c if there was a pink item... I got it!!! RAH!

*Please note, the landmarks are for their main stores. To get the special items shown in the pictures, please visit the "Gatcha Festival for Kids"

1st off, I need to tell you about the picture above. I wasn't very happy b/c I was blamed for eating all the cookies! As you can see very clear here, Cookie Monster and Oscar from Amame are eating them. DareDevil and the Drummer boy plushies (normally huggies)... weren't much help either. They all started to team up against me and well, it worked. As you can see... since I'm the one in the timeout chair from Tiny Spaces!!! I think its the lil monster on my shoulder from Taz Mania  telling them to do bad things. I'm at least stylish in timeout. With a cute shirt from Dice, flip flops from Aura's, and a cute mouthie from Larnia Kids

Moving on before I have to sit here longer. Next, to prove how cute and innocent I really am!!! ... okies, okies.. maybe not innocent but I sure am cute!!! Here's a great fairy outfit for the girls by Vicarious Vitae and luckily, this time I didn't get pink. YAY for Green!!! I think this right here just proves my innocence!!! Right??? See I look like I'm a non trouble making kid... *hides her horns*

Yet again looking all stylish now, sweet, and innocent... yup that's me in a dress!!! But its BLUE at least again, yay for non pink!!! PHEW! <3 With the cute outfit from Candii Kitten. Candii has a couple machines out there which offer something different. The shoes, dress, necklace, and prim foot/toes with cute flowers around the ankles. Its a spot you won't wanna miss out! Along with GiggleBox face tattoo, which gave me the cute pink sparkly cheeks. To top it of with a kid style, the funky color watch from Cute Bytes.

Okies... enough is enough. Time to go back to being my normal self!!! I found a fun bouncy jelly bean from Label Me Inc. With the crazy bouncy noise and animation, its a great way to bug your parents!!! Its even harder, when you're trying to balance a spoon with a dangling diamond on your nose from RazzBerry Inc!!! And finishing off the look with a cute bunny backpack. Which would be great for Easter coming up. I got pink right away and was like grr no pink for me... but this one is a steal, for only 1L I got a couple more colors. So make sure to find your way to Pink Promise's booth to get a cute new backpack.

Got me just chillin outside on the donut chair (has different animations) from Tiny Spaces. While I was sitting there, a cute little butterfly from Absolute Girls came and landed on my nose! I think it had to come check out the little elephant. An adorable bag that reminds me of my lil "dolly" in real life. She loves elephants and I just HAD to have it! It has the sooo cute BLUE woot woot elephant inside. There are other options, like frog, cat, different color elephant... as well as little mouthies! Another great gatcha prize from Sassafras Kids
After a long day of trying to convince you all that I'm really innocent. All I wanna do now is relax, watch a movie, or maybe take a nap in one of my favorite shirts from Amame! What a great way to relax with one of the cute pillows from Sassafras Kids. Cookie Monster decided to tell me he was sorry, so you can see me cuddling with him. Oscar on the other hand... he's still a grouch!!!

*Please note, the landmarks are for their main stores. To get the special items shown in the pictures, please visit the "Gatcha Festival for Kids"

Shout out to: Kaysa.... I love you! Safe journeys!!!
Another quick shout out... Thank you to those who voted for Cosmic Scribbles as Best Kids Blog. We all appreciate your comments, views, and our followers. I love sharing the great items out there for kids!!! Thanks again!!!

Over and out - Lowi :)

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