Friday, March 4, 2011

Rain.. Sickness.. And awesomeness

Ohai Everyone Happy Friday! First off I wanna say congrats to everyone who won the Kids Choice Awards, it was awesome and  a cool experience for all involved. Way to go on the hard work of everyone providing us with totally cool products. Now on to some fifty linden friday cuteness.. First up The OSE raingear from  Candii Kitten  Comes with a jacket and a umbrella and is totally adorable a must have for alla those rainy day school days.

Up next is two awesomeness outfits from Larnia Kids called Hoppin and Carrie, adorable and totally fits both tomboy girls and girls.  Don't mind kyia who was totally sleepin when I took the pic. She looks adorable though right.

How about kickin back with these two pieces of awesomeness from Sassafras They have multiple poses and are totally adorable for you and your friends to chill on
How about decorating your walls witht his adorable wall hanging from Elsewhere from the song Jar of Hearts  I hadda get it for mine!  And  Jus three more things for tonite,  A pose from Larnia Kid Poses this adorable pose is jumpin off the pier*points down* .. and into the lake what a cute way to cool down.  When your done jumpin into the lake your gonna need prescriptions for sure.. I know for a fact that Dokta Lishi from Whimzie has Incurable things.. and you have to have the prescription* points up * to get everything you need .. Your parents don't believe you make sure you prove your right hand them a prescription * also works for teachers* not that I would know or anything. so pick your need !
And last but not least cool down with books from Spronkwing bookstores, This weeks selection is Im a big brother or Im a big sister. Kyia was so excited to read she couldn't hold it.

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