Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Little Sanctuary

*Waves nervously* Soo.. new faces are good right? This is my first time doing this so don't hate me too much! I wanted to do something different and something fun that you guys can take from. As I'm sitting in my room I'm trying to figure out what it is I want to blog about (because I've been wanting to actually do a blog post for a while) it just finally struck me. I've been trying for over a year to make my perfect bedroom set, and I have finally been happy with it! Not only that, but it's under 200 prims! How awesome is that? So, I thought I would share my hard work, and hopefully you can find some stuff for your room too! So I'm going to run through a list of what I have in my room.. 'cause I got a toooon of stuff to share, and also share pictures too!

First, lemme share an overview:

Okay, so there it is! Lets break it down.

First we have the Fairytales and Dreamland area.. this is where I have my best sleeps, and everything is there! My storybook, drink, snack, and fireflies to keep me safe. Now I'm all for personalizing, so different things mean something to me and I suggest you do the same when doing your bedroom. Add in your own personal touch that says <-insert name here-> sleeps here! The fireflies are a part of that, they are a memorandum from camp. I got to be captain of the firefly cabin, and it was amazing, so I wanted to keep a part of that with me!

GF - Wall frame - ANNABELLE
GF - Nightstand - ANNABELLE
Sassafras Kids- Memories in Green Lamp
Sassafras Kids-Toy 1 Prim Giraffe - (Avery Collection)- Radiator
LK ~ open book
LK ~ Glass of Milk
-G[b]R- Cabin Books
buttons. small cupcake plate
Reek - Firefly Jar (Nightlight)
-G[b]R- Cabin Bunk ~Paper Plane
[W] Ceiling Glitter
[W] Wall Glitter - Butterflies
------------42 Prims

The next spot, is where I show off all my accomplishments and also where I get dressed. The twister spinner on the ground is also a pose stand, so I can stand in front of my mirror to edit my prims! :D Also, my fish live here too! I have to have an adult help me feed them tho, cause they're up too high to reach! :O Of course, your room would have -your- accomplishments and not mine! But they're always fun to display so you can brag about them!

GF - Dresser - ANNABELLE
-G[b]R- Shelf
Gold fish tank v1.4
GF - Model mirror - ANNABELLE
-G[b]R- Sekrit Posestand ~Twister Spinner
Trophies/Awards/ETC (Mine are 36 prim total)
------------17 Prims + Trophies/Awards

Now on to my favourite corner of the room, my creative corner! I have my paints, and colours and stuff all here. I even put some stuff up hanging on the wall! I love arts and crafts, and its an easy way to add colour into a room!

buttons. round deskseating
buttons. I'm not listening to you chair
buttons. I'm not listening to you chair 2
buttons. kids art wall
buttons. hangy stars
-G[b[R- Oops! Finger Painting ~Drawing 2
-G[b[R- Oops! Finger Painting ~Drawing 1
-G[b[R- Oops! Finger Painting ~Plate o Paint (Low)
-G[b[R- Oops! Finger Painting ~Plate o Paint (Full)
-G[b[R- Oops! Finger Painting ~Hand Green
-G[b]R- Paint Mess
GF - Toyshelf - ANNABELLE
[W] Wall Art- Creativity is Messy
{what next} Laurel Bedroom Drapes (with shadow)
------------41 Prims

Every kid needs a place to store their toys right? When my friends come over, we like to play games, so I make sure they're all in a safe place. I've seen a lot of bedrooms that don't have any kind of toys, and since there are no closets in SL, where are you guys hiding them all? Finally.. my sacred nightlight is here.. I wouldn't know what to do without it. My room would be so dark and scary! :O

GF - Wardrobe - ANNABELLE
LK ~ yahtzee box
LK ~ mystery date box
LK ~ mouse trap box
LK ~ monopoly box
LK ~ bead kit basket
LK ~ 3 color wall frames
[W] Wall Decal- I Believe - touch to change texture
-G[b]R- Nightlight 2.0 ~Diamond
------------28 Prims

So we're nearing the end of this blog post now.. and I know you guys are tired of hearing me ramble about bedroom stuff, but here's my last major 2 sections. The first is my workstation. This is where I am forced to do my homework, and when nobody is looking.. I check plurk. >.> But don't tell! I also have my family hanging up next to me.

KoreTech MackBook (White)
<(wonderkids)! pencil holder <(wonderkids)! poster <(wonderkids) sketchbook <(wonderkids)! color pencil LMBO [mouth] <(wonderkids)! trash can Family Picture Frame ------------40 Prims And finally.. here's the rugs and the textures I used on my wall/floor. Nothing too major here, just some personality that keeps the middle of the room from being too bland, and adds some more places to sit. (as if there's not enough already)

Turducken - Story-Time Blanket - Pink
buttons. rug { dotty }
.:TS:. Unicorn Pillow Pal
------------21 Prims

paint_pastel_wall_baby_pink_insight_designs 1
[D] 35 Jewells Favorite Wood

And there it is! The end of this blog post, oh.. and if you've been keeping up.. do you have the total?

Grand Total:
------------------------189 Prims

See! You can do it! Its easy to fill a room up with stuff for under 200 prims, and a lot of it wasn't expensive at all! I challenge you to put together your own bedroom set, and personalize it to fit you. It's not hard at all once you find a colour combination that works. Good luck!

I hope that this post was helpful, and if it wasn't, I'll just go back into hiding! Thanks so much for reading. Also, thank you to my friends who I forced to sit down while taking pictures for this blog post! (Melly, Riles, Emma, and Nightmare)

Have a happy Saturday!


  1. Cindy! What an awesome post! Yer room is super cute!!