Friday, March 11, 2011


YoYo! What's up peeps! Welcome to another edition of It's Fifty Linden Friday .. Today Im  gonna try to give you alot of info in a little bit of  pictures and its prolly gonna be short just because stuff wasn't totally cooperating with me... *gotta loves sl all the time rights* anyyyyyways today we have total awesomeness as usual everyone really rocked fifty L Friday so let's get started. First up we have these totally blingin necklaces from AMAME  They come in five or so different sayings.. and you need em to bling up your sl life. Here is two of them  *points up* totally cutness huhs???Next up we found some awesome sauce outfits
 and I combined them to save time but each one can totally consitute todays look of the day !
Okay here we have outfits from, CANDII KITTEN, INNER PEACE AND QTS CLOSET They are totally adorable and great for the summer season coming up, Innerpeace's is called Night, and candii's is called lilyanna, and the one from QTs is called sorbet n comes in different colors . These are  must haves for the upcoming season.
Up next check out these adorable tongue gems  from GIGGLEBOX They come in your chance of different colors, and even rare ones arent they cute.. and Shhhhhhh No telling mommy n daddy because I have a feeling  they gonna not like it
Here are two more gotta haves the Jammies that Kyia is wearing on the right are from CCC and the other outfit is Susan from CANDII KITTEN so make sure you grab them!  Now we are up to the awesome poses I found One is called " Lazy Afternoon" from POSEY and the other one is SASAFRASS  "Say Cheese" Total cuteness to add to your pose folder and who doesnt need more pic poses seriously.
. After your done shopping go home and Play with your brand new farm play set that you can get at SPRONKWINGS BOOKSTORE  The animals even make noises so your really playing at the farm Isnt that so cute ... This play set is perfect for boys and girls because who doesn't love the farm ???
  And when your done playing then take the time to do a prank at your house with this adorable prank set from WHIMZIE   That's all I have time for right now sorry it's so short but it works right??? Have a happy Friday and Shop until you drop. See ya next week


  1. Keeeenzie, they aren't tongue rings, they're just diamonds on your tongue.. you know cause kids put small things in their mouth >.> Its not pierced. Just throwin that out there! lol

  2. aahhhh *fixes it fast* ummm well yah thats what I meant lol .... it works really well both ways trust me i tried >_>