Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Two angels who watch over me...."

It's always a mixed bag of emotions watching people step back from stuff they have built from the ground up & watching them move on to grow and expand themselves.

I am "guest blogging" today, not about clothes or anything like that but about two scribblers who are leaving the blog that have made a HUGE impact on my SL and to talk about how so very important they are to me.

Many of you know Abby & Frannie, some closely and some as acquaintances, in either instance you have been blessed to have these two angels touch your life.


I met Abbers back in February when she was looking for a family, my daughter at the time thought she would be a great addition to our family & I agreed. We hung around each other for awhile and realized it wasn't meant to be as a mother/daughter relationship. Instead has held a position in my family (in one form or another) but has ALWAYS held the same position in my heart.

What many don't know about Abby is she is a protector. She has always played the Momma role, which is a lot like myself, always watching over others above herself... I think that is why we have always had a connection. Abby has an amazing heart, and while she may be quiet and somewhat introverted she is truly amazing. She and I share a lot of the same beliefs & interests.. and she also has always gotten me on a level that most people don't.

To my Little Red,

No matter where you go, what you do, what family you go with, or whatever position by title you hold in my life you will ALWAYS have the same place in my heart. You are truly amazing. RL & SL you will succeed and you are strong enough to get through anything thrown at you.

I love you so very much.


Francii, originally came into our family after a Valentine's Day party where she was forced to dress as Peter Pan... Probably one of the most EPIC nights ever (her & the scribblers know why). My SL sister was looking for a child to adopt at the time & her and Frannie hit it off.

Unfortunately, with Francii living in England and my SL sister being on SL time and not being able to be on until late in the afternoon they never had time together and grew apart. By this point, Francii & I had become close.. Spending most of our days sending each other Private Plurks and chatting back and forth. Our relationship grew from Aunt/Niece to true friends and when my sister left SL, I decided (even though adopting a small child was never something I was really interested in) to adopt Frannie because losing her would have broken my heart. So on May 8th, 2010 Francii Loxely became Francii Shanaynay Loxely-Jigsaw.

I never in my life would have seen our relationship developing into what it is today. Through all the bad times, she's been there for me & I have her. She never wanted to leave, even when others jumped ship. When we have had a problem, she comes to me & we work it out.

I've seen her rise & fall, RL & SL... I've watched her laugh and cry and i've shared so many tears and laughs with her.

I remember the day she had her scan to find out the sex of Little Magen (grins) and I remember waking up and the VERY first thing I did was grab my phone to read the PP she had sent me to tell me. I cried.

To My Minime,

I love you. From the very first day I asked you to be my daughter til today you have always been a light in my life. You've stood by me through every rough patch and every good one as well. When you leave a piece of me will leave with you, my days will not be quite as fun or quite as enjoyable.

I know you leaving doesn't mean I wont talk to you nor does it mean you will not be my daughter anymore but I will still miss you so very much.



Anyone in this crazy world who doesn't have either of these girls in their life are truly missing a piece of something special. I am so blessed to have had both of them touch my life and I hope that I have touched theirs, even if it's only a fraction of what they have done for me.

-Magen Jigsaw


  1. When you asked me to post this, I swore I would not read it first. And thank god I didn't or I wouldnt have been able to do it through the tears. I love you so much! You have been amazing for Frannie, I have seen her grow so much and I know you have so much to do with that. You are a wonderful person. I am so honored to have you in my life! I love you auntie! <3

  2. NONO! This was supposed to make YOU cry now im crying! I love you both... forever & always.

  3. Momma I love you beyond words. you are amazing even if you keep making me cry today. I wouldnt be around still if it weren't for you. No matter what you were there so course i wouldnt leave you <3
    You really have been the BEST momma ever. and i will never ever stop being your daughter. I love you!

  4. Gah how do I read this and not think of myself? *wipes the tears* So much has changed in my life in the last 2 months, I dont need to tell you... your both aware of it. Abby.. we've been thru so much together and I am so glad to have you apart of my SL again (even if all i do is whine) I love you! Frannie, while I wish we were closer then close I think it goes without saying the "Scribblers" are the closest bunch of girls in SL! I love you, and truly do wish you the very best! Miss Franniefaces Momma; your a meanie for making me cry! I'm glad I was afk cause I never woulda been able to post this thru the tears either! The love you show thru your words is amazing, and your so right.... anyone who doesnt know either of these girls is missing out! I love you both!! <33


    Jk. I love you so very much. Idk how I would make it through daily without you. Thank you for being such an amazing presence in my SL & RL.

    -Daisie- !!! It wasn't my intention to make you cry lil one <3 But it was my intention to make them cry :P

  6. bah dont you know the Scribblers are all big cry babies? I love you too Daisiebutt!

  7. Gosh no more making me cry! Daisie <3333 We so are the closest! and yes totally crybabies

  8. Slobberface,

    I knew the first moment that Mags introduced me to you that you were special ( not short bus either) The more I talked to you the more i loved our random conversations. The day you asked me to be your Auntie I cried and cried in real life. Even though we do not talk everyday I hope you always know you mean the world to me. And like your mama I know you are not gone for good, but not seeing you around breaks a little piece of my sunshine. It takes me alot to trust people, and you have shown me nothing but what a true friend is. and even when you are a RL mama yourself , you will always be my slobberface.

    <3 xoxoxox Auntie Jemmie

    Oh Abbers ILY with everything. You brighten the gloomiest day, You reassure me when I think I am nothing but fail. You always have time for me even when you are creating things in a last minute rush. Our crazy late conversations, are a part of me now and I look forward to them :) Remember I am always here for you. I thank Mags the world for telling me to IM you about the Kids Bazaar that day, If I had of been chicken and not have done it, I would be missing a huge part of My life.

    <3 Ms Jemmieeeeeeeeeeee xoxoxox

    To the both of you,

    Don't change yourselves for anybody. You guys are absolutely perfect the way you are. I hope whatever comes your way brings only the best happiness to your lives because that is all you two deserve. I want you both to know that had I not met you guys when I did , I would not have stayed in SL. You guys brightened up my SL, with slobbers, silly jokes, giggles and crazy pranks on my platform, and those are the memories I will hold onto forever.

    xoxoxox <3

  9. Aunty Jemmie you are beyond amazing and i wouldnt ask anyone else to be my aunty! You have been so good to me; and i love you're crazy sillyness. YOU brighten our days just as much as we do yours <333

  10. What Frannie said! <33333 (heart_beat) x 100000000

  11. Magen, what a wonderful post!! <33

    You guys are making me cry today!! :'-(

    I'd like to sneak in on this wonderful little love fest if you don't mind. Abby- The thought of you leaving the blog broke my heart. I actually ignored the NC for a bit. You have to be one of THE most sincere people I know. When I'm having a hard time, you are one of the few people I look for when I need a shoulder because I know I can turn to you, and I don't trust many people anymore either. You're strong, you're smart and SUCH a beautiful person- Abby you're an inspiration of many sorts. Anyone who is close to you, is VERY lucky to know you well. I love you abby, from the bottom of my little Riley heart, ILY LIKE WHOA! <33

    Franniepants- I said a chunk in the last post, but I'll do it again. You're a fantastic person, I'm proud of you for everything you have accomplished in world and out! You're such a great person to know and I'm SO proud to be able to call you my friend <3. Be strong while you're gone for that little bit and know when you need someone to yell to, we're all just a few clicks away!

    I LOVE LOOOVE you both <3 xxxxo.

    *Now I'm going back to crying and trying to work on stuff*

  12. Omg Riles! no more tears today! ILY like WHOA too. What an amazing person you are. I have made some of the most genuine friends, and you are in that wonderful list.

    I love you my Riles! <333

  13. I know Mags and she is an amazing person. We have been thru so much together.. But no matter what she is always there for the ones she loves. mags you are always talking about the amazing people in your life, but in my opinion you are the amazing person in ours. This past two weeks have been so hard and you have helpped me thru it all. I love you woman you are the greatest!