Monday, September 20, 2010

Whatcha Gatcha There???

*Puts a quarter in the gumball machine and turns the handle* ... man I hope I get something good and not pink!!! Woo a radio! *Tries again* woohoo... oh wait a purse, but its got a kitty and suckers in it!!!

So you all love going to the stores & getting those fun prizes in the machines. Looking to see what different ones in there & hope for the best one. I've been hitting up the "Gatcha/Gacha Machines" throughout SL. I wish I had more time, but its still a cute blog!

Katat0nik :: 10L Beary Dress (not in a machine) & Kattypop Purse
*Ticky Tacky* :: Starlight Headband - Pink

TUFT :: Silly Elephant Mouthie - I moved to the shoulder for the pic, b/c my 5 year old "dolly" said so.
D-Lab :: Gacya Airplane Duck
.:[AMAME]:. :: Birds & the Bee's shirt - (not in a machine)
Twosome :: Gatcha Gloves grey
*mocorin* :: Orange Pack Juice
Katat0nik :: Panda boombox

Larnia Kids :: C3PO's mini box & mouthie
+Lika Ruby+ :: corsage -Tsubaki (flower in hair)
D-Lab :: Gacya Airplane Sheep

... Personal note to you all ... Sorry I didn't get this out on my actual blog day. But something has happened in my RL and obv. that comes def. 1st before anything else. I've said this on my plurk but right now I need all the prayers I can. I know kinda weird telling rl stuff but this is really serious!

My friend, who's only 27, had 2 brain aneurysms rupture yesterday. She went to her kids dad's house to bring homework over there. Was out of her car for 5 min & then collapsed. Having a seizure right infront of her 6 year old daughter. She ended up having 2 strokes as well during all this. The Dr.'s said its a miracle she has lived b/c most, will die when 1 ruptures. They tried to clamp it but it won't work, so they're doing surg. tomorrow morning. I need everyone's prayers please for my friend and her little girl. She's a big time mommy's girl and really misses her mom and just wants to go home. I miss my friend and I want her home too!!! I'm so scared and really gotta continue staying positive. This just opens my eyes to a lot of things in life. Remember, we only have 1 life to live.... live it to the fullest and then some!

Thanks everyone!
Love and Hopefully Wishes,
Lowi Foxtrot


  1. Ooo! This is a great post *favorites*

  2. Awesome post Lowi <3
    And prayers and best wishes for your friend