Thursday, September 16, 2010

Frannie's Love Thursday

This is a bit of a different blog today. Today i'm not showing you anything you can buy or anything you can do in SL. Today i'm merely telling you something important; Something that means the absolute world to me.

Some of you may know Miss Strawberry Singh started this thing called Love Thursday on Plurk & Flickr quite a while ago and she now blogs it on her own blog. Today i wanted to do a Love Thursday post of my own, and tell you about something i love so very very much.

It's rare that Cosmic Scribbles delves into personal feelings. We've had the odd random special blog about our own SL's and why we started out but that's not very often. It's even rarer we talk openly about RL. You may not want to read this; so i warn you now i'm about to get sopppy :P

Most people know big RL me is 29 weeks pregnant with my little baby boy and i couldn't be happier about it... What alot of people don't know is i'm about to take a break from SL to face some RL work commitments and to get ready for the birth of my son. I'm about to face something i'm absolutely petrified about. Today will be my last blog for Cosmic Scribbles. I may come back, i may not. I don't know.

 My baby boy at 10 weeks

The Cosmic Scribbles girls have been my rocks since the very beginning. The original group; Me, Abby, Jamie, Riley, Daisie and Jane enjoyed creating this blog together. It was fun and like having a second family. You may think we don't seem very together alot of the time; and in fact we rarely see each other in world for one reason or another. But behind the scenes we were as close as ever.
 The Original Cosmic Scribblers

Daily plurks, notices and random IMs kept me logging on for a long time. These girls were the reasons i spent my days online. Without these girls i wouldn't be where i am today. It sounds cliched but it's true. The day i found out i was pregnant was because of those girls. I broke down with them in our daily Cosmic Scribbles Private plurk, and told them i thought i was pregnant. They encouraged me to go to the doctor, take the test and find out for sure. They really were there for me every step of the way.

Things changed and people took blog breaks for different reasons. Then Lowi and Lishi joined the team and brought some new live back into the blog. We couldn't have been happier to have them aboard; People we trusted and loved and were happy to welcome into our little second family.
I only hope together they continue to make the blog thrive and you all keep reading.
 The Lovely Scribblers #2

Anyone who is friends, family or even aquaintances with any one of the Cosmic Scribbles girls, past or present, is beyond lucky. They are the most amazing people & really some of my bestest friends i've ever had.
I adore each and every one of you girls. I'll miss blogging with you. <33

My Love Thursday is about every single person who brings something to my SL & RL & of course the Cosmic Scribbles girls & all our readers, store owners and people who supported us. Without all of you this blog wouldn't be half what it is.  <3
Here is a montage of some of the pictures i treasure of the people i love :D


  1. Ya'll are amazing girls. I love you so much minime and im glad you let me into your RL to experience the joy & growing you're doing. <3 ILY.

  2. My Franniepants. I love you so much, RL, SL whichever. My girlies, you are all amazing. I have cried with you and laughed with you. Together we opened up so many minds to who and what we were all about. Our love for each other helped to create a special thing. The future is always a little unsure. But I can tell you this, for always, you all will be a part of my thoughts, my heart, and my world.

  3. <3 Your post gave me chills and I'm so excited for you. I'll miss seeing your posts but I hope you sneak on plurk at least to keep us updated on all your happinesses.

  4. Mommaface: I love you soo much. You're pretty amazing too <333

    abby: Don't make me cryyy missy! you guys mean so much to me. More than you know <3333

    Ky: I'll still be around somewhere, sometimes haha. <33

  5. I freaking love you so much, and I'm SO proud of you and everything you have achieved. Ima miss you heck of alot but you won't be escaping me muhahaha!<333333

  6. wow .. sad.. what is happening to scribbles :( Franni you'll be missed!

  7. Awwww, made me cry. Big hugs and best of wishes to you always!

    Life is about to change and become more wonderful than ever. Love that baby boy to pieces and I know he will bring you a lifetime of joy.

  8. The baby picture.. omg. <3 Cute!!! I'm so sad about you leaving but the reason of you leaving is so amazing & truely the best thing in your life. A little baby boy will be looking in your eyes & the love that he'll have for you is nothing you can prepare yourself for! We love all so much and good luck through everything. You know where your family is and we'll be here whenever you need us. Love you Frannie... oh.... "din.. din din din... din din din... din din DINNNNNNNNNNNN" Frannie Wins \o/ (today that is) ;)

  9. I had to step away for a second then come to comment. I think this post broke my heart a little! *hugs you so so tight* I am so proud of you Frannie, you're so strong and you've accomplished so much. You are such a force behind this blog and one of my truest friends, NOTHING can change that. I'm going to miss you SO so much but you have something SO special coming into your life. I will always be here for you, for anything you need, I love you so so much. I love ALL you girls! Be safe Franniepants and be strong <33
    *Cuddles and Squishes!*
    You ARE and always will be a Scribbler <33

  10. Will you all stop making me cry! :P

    I'm soo super excited. Still have to wait until December but eeeee! :D

    Lowi i win always! Not just today :P

  11. Riley <333333 ILY *squishes you so big*
    I'm not even gone anywhere yet hehe. I'm going to miss the blog but you girlies will do us proud! Love you all

  12. OMG!! Frannie, frannie, frannie! I am so proud of you! Your an amazing friend, and you will be an amazing mommy :D You've made me cry and I am lost for words, just know you will be missed terribly and your welcome to come back anytime or guest blog one day! HAHA!! We love you Frannieface!! Best of luck!! <333333

  13. You made me cry now daisiepops <333 Haha I'll always be back to bug you all & catch up. you are pretty amazing too <33

  14. I am a sap! Reading all these replies make me cry all the more franniepants. I know you wont disappear. I have told you so many times how amazing you are. So strong. I just have to say it one more time. I love you so big! <33333

  15. "“Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
    A. A. Milne

    I love you mine abby <3333