Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are you "Greedy" enough or will you get "Busted?"

Keeping it random and mixing it up a bit with a little tutorial blog today! Even though they already have a help notecard, this way its kinda broken down with pictures. Its a game many already know what to do. But I have been hearing more and more people say they don't know how to play, b/c it looks too confusing for them. I'm going to try my best to help those who are interested in learning this fun game called.. Greedy Greedy!

I'm sure you've seen or at least heard about this game. Its really a lot of fun and is a great thing to do with family and friends. Just don't let it scare you away b/c its really worth to learn how to play. You have the "Greedy Champion" to help you try to understand it. Why I had the "Lowi Wins \o/" gesture made.

------> I got all 1's!!! <------
[21:30] Greedy Greedy Table v1.94 whispers: Lowi Foxtrot has stopped
with 9300 points this round, for a running total of 17200.
(not a lie... picture to prove in post!)

What is Greedy Greedy?
Greedy Greedy, Aka Greedy, is made from K.R. Engineering. They have many other game boards you can purchase. Games that are simliar to Yatzee, Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Sequence, and more. Greedy, is very similar to "farkle" but this game doesn't have only 10 rolls. You have however many rolls it takes until you or someone else reaches 10,000. Try to see how many points you can get in one turn, without being too "Greedy!" A fun game for 2-8 players. Tech, you can play by yourself, the table will let you. So you could actually sit by yourself and just roll and learn with no one else around.

Whats the objective?
To try to get as many points as possible in a roll without "busting". If you "bust" you end up losing that turns points. You must score at least 1000 points before you are considered "on the board" and can end your turn. After you made the board, you can stop with any points you choose.

How do you play it?
Whoever sits first, will go first and then to the right of them and so on. They hit the "ROLL" on the table and click the dice they would like to keep. (I'll explain the scoring system after this) When you decide to stop being "Greedy" you hit the "STOP" on the table. The score you had just rolled, will be totaled into your overall score. You must have at least one die that will equal a point to keep rolling, if you don't you "bust" and lose all those points you were rolling in that turn.

Red Color Dice: the ones you selected for that turn
Blue Color Dice: the ones you selected from the previous rolls

How do you win? 
1. don't play me... ;) but really the game is over when a player goes over 10,000 points. When that happens everyone else gets one more chance to beat them and you must roll until you win or bust.

How do you gain points? --- this part might sound confusing, but seriously once you start playing and understanding it. Its not as bad as it is on "paper"

The only single numbers worth points are 1 and 5.
1 = 100
5 = 50.

When rolling and you get three of a kind in 1 roll,
2,2,2 = 200
3,3,3 = 300
4,4,4 = 400
5,5,5, = 500
...8,8,8 = 800 (you get the idea)

If you get "four of a kind", (# threes for example) you get the 3 of a kind score & then double the current number.

3,3,3 = 300
3,3,3,3 = 600
3,3,3,3,3 = 1200 ... and so on

Challenge: How many points did I roll total here?
Answer is at the bottom of the blog... no cheating!

"1's" are SPECIAL!
With 3 of them = 1000, you actually double with each extra one.
So the biggest roll possible in one is 8000 points.
(yes that is my picture of my all 1's roll!)

Special awesome sauce rolls:
3 pairs 1,1,4,4,6,6 = 1000 points
A straight 1,2,3,4,5,6 = 1800 points
These MUST be rolled as the 1st roll.
Since all 6 are selected,
you may continue rolling to accumulate more points!
Just don't be too greedy and lose these awesome sauce fun points!
Zilch Rules:
This is an optional way to play. I think its way better with this option on and most people play it this way. You can not bust 3 times in a row. Your name will show a * by it. If you bust 2 times in a row you'll see **... at that time you will get the warning and a reminder before you roll the next time, if you bust you lost ALL your overall points and start back from 0... and having to get "on the board" all over again!
Examples of some Greedy Greedy text during a game:
[18:49] Greedy Greedy Table v1.91: No dice of point value were rolled. All points this turn are forfeit.
[18:51] Greedy Greedy Table v1.91: WARNING: You have busted twice, Lowi Foxtrot, one more and you go back to zero! -- (Zilch Rules)

[18:51] Greedy Greedy Table v1.91: REMINDER: You have busted twice, Lowi Foxtrot, one more and you go back to zero! -- (Zilch Rules)

[18:51] Greedy Greedy Table v1.91: Lowi Foxtrot has stopped with 2400 points this round, for a running total of 7550.

[18:52] Greedy Greedy Table v1.91: Lowi Foxtrot has hit 10000 points, this is the final round. All players must roll until they beat or bust.

[18:52] Greedy Greedy Table v1.91: GAME OVER! Lowi Foxtrot has won with a high score of 12400 points!

Challenge Answer from picture above
How many points did I get in that roll? 5,1,1,6,6,6
5  = 50
1 = 200 (b/c there are 2 of them and they're 100 each)
Three 6's = 600
Total of ... 850

I hope you guys enjoyed this. Sorry for those that already know how to play Greedy. But I hope to have helped at least 1 person that hasn't ever played. Or at least helped clear somethings up for those just starting.

Shoutout: Happy RL Birthday to Kaysa Firecaster on the 10th!!!


  1. Hahaha!! so that's why Lowi wins :p Great post, even though I needed this like months ago rofl

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