Monday, August 23, 2010

I am in misery, There ain't nobody who can comfort me....

Okay so i'm not actually in misery completly the opposite actually I just love that song :) I hope you all had a wonderful week-end, I can't believe its monday already. Time is just flying so fast I can't keep up with the weeks anymore let alone what day it is! Anyway this week I dug out some adorable furniture pieces from a this little store I found a few weeks back. The store is called Cheap Cheap and its name is so fitting as the furniture here is so cheap.

On the left is the Hidding Wardrobe in blue. It has this cute little reading pose and book on the self for when you fancy an escape and want to read some more twilight! Then on the  right is Ottoman  and Little House shelf decoration. The Ottoman comes with 4 pose and can sit two people.

Then on the top is my favourite thing I've brought from this store, the Little Table. I just love the awesome quilted texture of it and its just squeee so adorable. I brought a couple of their pillows to match it which also come with 5 or 6 animations in. Lastly on the bottom is the Hidding Chest. Similarly to the Hidding Wardrobe it comes with this amazing little animation in the cupboard so you can hide if mom wants you to clean the dishes or tidy up your room!

You should deffinatly go and check out their store as they have so many amazing pieces of furniture for such great prices...for some things its like your pratically stealing them its such great value!

Your Limo to Cheap Cheap

I hope you all have a wonderful week and i'll leave you with my favourite song of today :)

- Jamie,xo


  1. <333 so cute! and i love that store

  2. i think I have everything in that store! Not sure if I'd use it ever but man, its so cheap and cuuuute!

  3. sweet! I love that shop hehe!