Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School in Style

So this week marked the beginning of the SL school-year for me. I packed my lunch, fixed my own hair and got ready to ride the bus to my new class. I was sooo excited! I love the excitement of going to school again. Now the actual going to class... I think I gotta work on that!

This year, I'm headed to Oceanside Elementary (OSE). This school, run by Jill Caldera and Gattz Gilman, offers tons of activities and so many classes. The teachers have a variety of styles to choose from- strict RP classes where you learn what you'd learn in elementary school, where others are learing about business, citizenship, building, and more!
Lishi's first day picture!
All styled up and ready for school
Oceanside has a uniform policy for their students... and here's my little secret... I just love them! The sweater with the tie is a super cute touch. Of course, even though I have to wear a uniform, I've got to make it my own! I'd love to see pics of your school style- feel free to link to your school shots in the comments!

My School Style:
OSE Uniform: Free for all students, by Kylei Benoir
Socks: Frop! Knee Socks - Purple by Frop! (Lawra Fredrickson)
Shoes:  Chucks OSE School by Kick the Can (Robin Sojourner)
OSE Lunchbox by Larnia Kids (Heath Pevensey)
Backpack by Sassafrass (abby McDonnagh)
Braces: Dental Braces [ Stars ] by Prettiful (Mialissa Masala)
Glasses: Loser Glasses from the Whatever Loser Set by RC Cluster (Redd Columbia)
Hair: "Mayumi by Diva (Marisa Kira)
Bows: OSE Girlie Hairbow from OSE Accessory Pack by Candi Kittens (Candi Destiny)
Bandaids: Britta Hearts Bandaids by Reek (Riq Graves)


  1. You look adorable!!! <3333 This post made me smile :) its so cute.

  2. Here's one of my takes on the uniform (another uses the same shoes as yours and some Reek slides socks):

    Socks are the Nana socks from RC Cluster. Shoes are Ant by Miel. Purple gummi bear hair clip from Scribble. :-)

  3. Yay! Another cute school pic. Thanks Mari for sharing yours!

  4. I love that picture of you Lishi! So dorky and cute <3