Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When I saw you over there, I didn’t mean to stare But my mind was everywhere, I wanna know you...

*sighs and sits on her bed after an amazing and not long enough week at Camp* I dug into my inventory and picked a sweet hair store and a few styles I've had for a long time! Even better, I went BLONDE to show you them!

I love Miel a lot and I LOVE the hair styles there, they're SO cute and pretty cool! This one I'm showing you is called MIEL FRI HAIR. I'm wearing Blonde 3 from the Blonde pack. It's messy and pretty and layer-ey and just awesome. The click and ribbon on the hair is colour change AND pattern change! It's an awesome hair for every little girl!

This seconf hair form Miel is called MIEL MON HAIR. Blondes again. This style is short and sweet and so so adorable. It's simple and has awesome little clips holding the bangs back off your face. The clips also are colour change and very simple. This hair is great for any look really, something casual like what I'm wearing or something totally dressy!


This last hair, also from Miel is called MIEL SUN HAIR. This one is a little more dressy but as you can see it works with my outfit too! It's held back with a pin and a beautiful flower clip. Both are colour change and you can opt out of the flower clip too! This hair is great for say... a camp formal dance! Or a wedding or with a pretty dinner dress! I chose to wear it with Aura's Chloe outfit. This is one of my fave casual outfits. I feel SO comfy in it, you can wear it with the jack like I am, or with a tee and Aura Milev sells it in multiple colours! Which I am going to grab right after this post! My awesome shoes are from Babydoll's Boutqiue and called *BB* Jewelled Ribbon Solstars. Everything on these shoes are colour change!! I love loooove them!

Since I am taking over for Daisie today, I'd LOVE to give you info on an awesome hunt! The Back 2 School hunt hosted by Cindy Lu. A bunch of major stores are taking part! It starts at GiggleBox and has AWESOME stuff! Definitely check it out!

That is all! Hope you week is sweet! *puts her brown hair back on*


Ps. The song in my title is STUCK in my head. Figured I'd share! Enjoooy!

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