Friday, July 23, 2010

Kids 50L Friday!!

Hi Peoples!  I have taken over 50L friday, well at least for this week.  I do have to say there was some awfully cute outfits out, but sadly there were hardly any toys, furniture or accessories (hint hint).

I started out at Babycouture where Kylei had an really cute outfit named "Florence"  A sage colored tropical top with pink shorts, simply adorable. Sadly I forgot to take a picture. Yes I fail. But you really should check it out :)
.2 Giggle box- A really fun drama kit, touch the mouthie and it has a saying about No drama :) It also comes with a drama mask.
3.Hopscotch- I wasn't able to find it, and I was really bummed. Jordyn is coming out with some really cute stuff-make sure you check Hopscotch out, because I bet it;s out now.
4.American Beagle- They had some cute outfits out, for boys and girls. I am not into the punk princess look, but if you are. You should really make sure you stop by here. I did buy some color changing flip flops. You can change the color to up to 66 different colors.
5.Arrowmint- See Picture
6. Aura's- Cute Mommy loves me Pjs
7.Babydoll's Boutique-See Picture
8.Bunny Creek- Adorable pink skirt outfit.
9.Candii Kitten-See Picture
10.Chelsea's Children Clothes-See pic #2
11. Design of Princess Store- Could not locate
12.Dollee Pockets- Very cute bright purple and green polo shirt with skirt, comes with matching tights and perfect flats.
13.Dork- Couldn't locate- Looks at dork!  Btw I love Dork's stuff. I will make sure I kick start her next week.
14.Glitterbugs-see pic #2
15.Inner Peace-See Pic #2
16.Jumpin Jacks- A really neat pose for 3, including shopping bags- tech problem here, waiting for Mr Jacks logs on to get his help.

17.J4KK- Cute purple skirt with a pink shrug. Check it out
18.Kiddo's- Couldn't find
19.Larnia Kids- Check Pic #3-also a really awesome boys outfit by Heath, with sneakers included.
20.Little One's Couture-Check Pic #3
21.Patchlets- Very cute bunny gingham dress.Pink :)
22.Punky lil Rainbow-Neutrual colored Green and tan short outfit. It was cute
23.Rainy Day Kids- Very dark and haunting Dark Princess Dress- Goth and Vampish. Kinda neat

24.Sassafras Kids- Thats my store-
25.Small poses-
26.So Berry Licious-Cute plaid Dress w/ Yellow bows
Sadly the last 5 stores I could not find their item.
Sprinkles & Bingles- I looked for awhile here, cause I think they make the most adorable stuff. But I couldn't find it *puts them on my list to kick start for next week*
Twiple Twouble- :( 
Vannah Babiiez
Vicarious Viate

I really want to be able to blog all the stores in 50L. I love to support my fellow designers and creators. But I really can't search out your item, nor can I blog it if its not there. I start really early in the morning. If you want, send me your ad of what you are putting out for the week. It will help me a lot to get a jump start too.

Thats it for this week! I hope you all have a really nice weekend. And check back. I am working on one of my long winded editorials about starting out as a child avi and SL adoption.

Keep Playing! <33


  1. Such an awesome post abbylooo! And that big chick posing with you at the end is cute :D

  2. and omg she is so bossy too <333 Ty Frannie face!

  3. YAY Kids have needed this blog for a while now!! *whistles* I know I just ask everyone, to tell me whats in it before I know to go out LOL!!!