Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to School!

Wow...It's almost time for school to begin again! We've had fun weeks of camp and hanging out, but school is fast approaching.
Cindy Lu, the fab owner of Gigglebox put together a Back 2 School Hunt which started on the 20th of July! It runs until 20th of August and is a circular hunt, so you just grab the gift and hop along to the next LM and hunt some more. It includes some awesome stores and i'm just going to run through a few of the items today.

First up i dragged my bf to model for me. He even wore his school uniform for me :D
Aiyden is wearing the Hunt Item from *CKB* Candii Kitten Boys which is #30 on the list! The  [CKB] Backpack is super cute and has awesome textures for boys!
There's also a girls version in the Candii Kitten mainstore.
The Outfit i'm wearing is also from Candii Kitten, and can be found at the UnWaNtEd Kids Carnival & Bazaar which is going on for the next few weeks. So many kids stores are participating and all items are 50L or less so make sure you go and check that out too. Even all but one of our scribblers have items out for it!

The outfit i'm wearing above is item *B2S* #22 from Chelsea's Children's Clothes. The outfit is called CCC Poohbear and is adorable! I love Pooh and it even has piglet on it too!
The pose is a hunt item too from *B2S* #08 - SayCheese!. It's a really cute pose for friends and comes unlinked for easy pose editing!

Next up is an outfit i threw together using some of the hunt items i grabbed.
Top:  [Blackberry Jam] Crayon Sweater
Shorts: *B2S* #17 - Whimzie- Back to School Gym Shorts (Dark Pink)
Mouthie:  *B2S* #33 - [Blackberry Jam]   *B2S* Notebook Mouthy
Shoes: *B2S* #09 - [BabyCouture] - Apple A Day Flats

Finally i'm going to show you some of my fav furniture items from the hunt.
First up is this awesome :>Inner Peace<: Reading Pillow and Magazine Set.
It comes with some awesome poses in it, and is great for lounging around your bedroom on.
Next up to show you is *B2S* #03 - *Aura's* Back to School HopScotch Mat. It's adorable and is animated with a sequence of hopscotch poses that it runs through when you sit on it.

The outfit i'm wearing in the above pictures is some pieces i've picked up recently. The Shorts are in the Back 2 School Hunt. It's another pair of the Whimzie- Back to School Gym Shorts but in Red! My T-shirt is from .::Spoiled's Closet::. and is called {KB} High Flying. I picked it up at the UnWaNtEd Kids Carnival & Bazaar along with some other great tshirts.
You may see the wall hanging in that picture too. That's the final hunt item i want to show you.
This  *D*SchoolBulletinBoard is from Dandelions. It's so cute and perfect to hang in your bedroom to keep note of all those important school updates!

Now i would give you the LM's to all the stores but what fun would that be! Here's the SLurl to the Start at Gigglebox so go over there and enjoy the hunt!

That's all for today!
Peace, Glitter & Sparkles,

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