Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Time is our Time...

* Yaaawns* I am so tired today. Certain people keep keeping me awake all night at camp.

It's been so much fun so far at Camp Hardknock, and we're at the middle of the week. Closing ceremonies are only a few days away on Sunday. Now, i'll admit at Winter Camp, which was my frist time, i didn't enjoy myself that much and felt quite lonely alot of the time. But this Summer has been so much fun. It's been none stop giggles and running around for me; and luckily i havent even come across any camp drama. Phew!

Today i'm just going to tell you what i've been up to; because i know those at camp are far too busy to be thinking about shoppping. Well apart from the new Truth release out today, which is pretty cute as always!

We've been doing alot of hanging around and relaxing. Here is me, Abby, my sister Lizzie & Riley (before she turned red as a lobster)

Here's me and my friend Maddie with Mister Cree after we almost killed him. Remember don't go afk around kids! We will put you in a jar and push you through the floor with a giant worm and then deny all knowledge of moving you. *Smiles Sweetly*

Camp has also let me hang out with people i don't see as often as i would like. This is Maddie, JamieJo & I. We hung out so much at Winter camp so we definately had to grab a photo at Summer Camp. This picture, believe it or not, took us twenty minutes to take. I wont mention the bald spot Maddie had either lol. (Dont worry , i edited it out) :P

Of course all the fun and games leaves me needing quiet time. I'm lucky enough to have some of the most awesome people in my life that i can turn to when i need to chill out.

I love the fact that i can creep into my sister bunk in the counsellor cabin too when im feeling homesick. Her bunk smells a little funny but it makes me feel closer to home.
I really don't want this week to end. If i could bring my momma and aunties to camp and they live there too then it would be perfect.
Mister Gattz & Ms Jill have been fabulous and so have all the staff and i cannot thank them enough for giving us this opportunity to have a fun week just being kids.

Of course the giggles and laughs are funny too. The Lag & clothing fails in paticular. The pictures below are some of the funny moments caught on camera.
Playing red light,green light with about 20 other kids in the lag led me to run smack into Dolly & then i got stuck and couldnt move. I could not stop laughing; but she took photo evidence of my ninja attack on her. I'm sneaky!

I have to finish up with a cute picture of JamieJo having a wardrobe fail moment though!
She needs lessons on how to change successfully lol.

With that i'm going to go and brave the messhall and find myself some food! It's pretty messy in there; and then i'm going to sneak around and find the traitor in our game of Mole!
I hope everyone is having a fab week!



  1. lollll. love you frannie face. cute blog post :)

  2. *giggles softly* you'll never catch me no sir ree

  3. Omgsh I wardrobe fail ahem...who attached their ENTIRE inventory to themselves!!

    but sooo cute <3333

  4. What fun we are having!! <33 Great Post Frannie!!

  5. LOL! that is a great post franni and it's ok ninja attack me anytime haha

  6. I miss my monsters! Such an awesome post midget <3