Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't forget your sunblock!!

Hey Happy Campers and AMAZING readers!

I too, just like abby and the rest of the scribblers, am at camp! It's been amazing fun, and you saw the first pieces of our lovely first few days from Abby, and I'm going to show my favourite part of camp... friends! I think friends make SUCH an amazing experience at camp. All the fun memories and the laughs and the SILLY photos and contests *coughs*, all these experiences you share with your friends, you won't forget! This is my second time at camp and I am absolutely loving it and I've made some new friends and of course, spent time with my awesome older friends! I feel it's so so important to set aside al the drama all the disliking and just have fun!

I grabbed my big sister Lishi, Rory, Heath, Lillia and Caesey to help me out with todays... collective LOTD! So there really is something for everyone in this post (boys included).

These are actually ALL great outfits! They're super different and SO so cute, and of course perfect for Camp! I'm gonna pick a few things out before I tell you where it's all from. Caesey's sunglasses are SO funny and I loove them, they're camp perfect, really! Her glasses are from our very own Daisie, from her store Kewt Kids! Rory's awesome outfit is from her and Heath's store Larnia Kids. It's called Bluebells and is SO summery and adorable and I wish I could show you more of it. Heath's shoes are GREAT, boys who are reading, they're also from Larnia Kids and called L Khuckers lo-tops On-The Go from Larnia Kids. Actually, also, if you're AT camp and can't leave (because we're not supposed to...) you can check out the camp shop! A BUNCH or stores (including Larnia Kids) have set up a few camp perfect items there! I'd also like to point out Lishi's outfit from her store Whimzie, she's gone and done these awesome camp outfits FOR each camp cabin! They're awesome, every cabin is totally represented! I'd love to show you Lilia's mouthie, which is SO hard to see in the top photo, but it's an Ipop from Gigglebox, they come in ALL sorts of colours and really, Ipops are totally a must have! Lastly but OH so no least, my skirt. It's really different from a lot of the kids skirts out. I love it, it's one of my favourite pieces right now. It's from Babydoll's Boutique and the outfit it's from is *BB* Denim Diamonds. If you look carefully, boys and girls yes I have a nasty sunburn, it is totally important to wear sunblock when you're out in the sun... or you'll looke like Riley Lobster!

LOTD List:

On Rory:
Truth Minx #2 hair
Larnia Kids- Bluebells

On Heath:

Camp shirt from camp
Wristband and swimtrunks from Larnia Kids Island Dreams set
L Khuckers lo-tops On-The Go from Larnia Kids
Truth- Jason Hair

On Lillia:
Gigglebox- Ipop
Truth- Drew

On Lishi:
Visor- CK Knakyia Visor- Candii
Shirt & Shorts- Camp Cutie - Whimzie
Socks & Shoes-Fomr the One of a Kind outfit- Larnia Kids
Bracelet- Gigglebox
Hair- Carrie - Fri.Day

On Caesey:
Hair - Ashlin from Truth
Shirt - *Cute Bytes* Cupcake Tee
Shorts - Larnia Kids Gray Polka Dot
Socks - Larnia Kids Rainbow Knee Socks
Shoes - Larnia Kids L Khuckers lo-top Oink
Glasses - Kewt Kids Over Sized Heart Glasses

On Riley:
Fri.day- Kate
Babydoll's Boutique- *BB* Denim Diamonds
Babydoll's Boutique- *BB* GLAM Jewel Sandals 
Reek - Sunburn

Hope your camp experience is AMAZING! If you're not at camp, hope your week is sweet and full of love. *snuggles into her bunk and yawns* Enjoy your Tuesdays!



  1. aww you all are adorable <333
    Thank you riley for your lovely post!