Friday, July 30, 2010

Kids, Kids, Kids Everywhere!! Kids 50L Friday!

It doesn't take long for a week to pass anymore. Before you know it Kids 50L is here again!  This week there were a ton of stores. I didn't buy everything, but I tried to get as much as possible. I wanted to be able to show you guys what is all out there.  Sooo I am going to stop rambling and get on with it :)

1. Baby Couture: Kylei had a really cute orange sundress with a hat- First set picture 1
2. Giggle Box- An adorable candy heart Huggable. This is really cute.
3. Forever Young- I love this outfit, even if the top is pink. and the shoes are really cute!
4. Hopscotch- Annie Outfit- EVERYTHING at Hopscotch is 25L right now, and it is so cute. Hurry up before the Sale is over!

5. AMAME-Heart Sunglasses-5 different colors
6. American Beagle-Bren-New and Neko ears and tail with butterflies
7. Arrowmint-Nightmoon-blue or red jumper with moon on the front.
8. Aura-Couldn't find
9. Babydoll's boutique-Deliah in black (see Pic 1)
10.Bunny Creek-Cute Jean's with Grey tank. Adorable
11. Candii Kitten-Caydi in blue and Princess kitty pj's (see Pic 1)
12. Cheslea Children's clothes- Cute Panties (sorrry Chels, I am not going to take a picture and show off my panties. lol, you can do that one!
13. Comic Nerd-Robin Outfit
14. Dandelions-Doll house shelf

15.Designer Kidz-Dora
16. Glitterbugz-Cassie, Missy, Renee-slogan tees fat pack and ILNY tees- All of the 50L stuff here is sooo cute. Check it out!
17. Inner Peace-Natalia and Mommy's make up- This is so fun!! I love it! Mommys make up comes with a ton of mouth attachments, and a makeup bag-See Pic below
18. Instinct Stylez-Not out
19. Jumpin Jacks-Snuggle beanbag
20. J4KK- Bedroom Furniture (bunkbed)
21. Kiddos-Not Out

22.Larnia Kids-Peace Out Outfit, Pretty Kitty,Chillaxin by Heath and reading bench with multiple animations (Pic 3 and 5)
23.Lilypads-not out
24.Little ones Couture-Roe outfit (pic 3)
25. Patchlets-She sells Seashells dress (see Pic 2)
26.Punky lil Rainbow-Sassy It's a cute outfit. I really liked it.
27. Rainy Day Kids-Ball Pit- The Ball pit is awesome, there is an error when you try to multiply the balls in the pit- they are not copying. (sure the creator will have it fixed soon)

28 Sassafras-poses

29.Scoop-flip flop mouthie
30.Small poses-Wizarding World Wand Poses

31. So Berry Licious-Baby Blue outfit
32.Sprinkles and Bingles-4 books-and hippo lounger (pic 6)

33. Unicorn juice-Not Out
34. Vannah Babiiez-Not Out
35.Whimzie-Playing dressup- So Cute!
36.Wonderkids-Piggy Bank

I am going to admit I am too lazy to put the LM's. That was lots of shopping this morning! I am worn out. Sooo if you want the LMs- Grab the KIDS 50L Friday List from the 50L group, Kids Konnection Group, or Kids SLife. Off to nap!  Or check out Search :)

Have an awesome week!
Abby <3


  1. Yay awesome round up abbylooo <33

  2. awwww so cute omg I just love Lishi's dress up outfit!!!!

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