Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars, I could really use a wish right now.

Happy Tuesday Scribble readers! Hope your day is wonderful and bright! I have a new hair place for you guys, one I haven't shown you all yet. I'm soooo excited about them! It's a place I haven't really ventured into in a while and although they may not have like total kid friendly hair, the hair they DO have is SO cute.

Amacci isn't one of the most known places for kids to get their hair, but I ventured in a week ago and took a good look around, tried on demos and found that a large handful of hairs are SO great for kids. Like a bunch! The one I have on is actually different and called Amacci Hair ~ Beata. I haven't seen many like it around. It's short pigatil braids. I love them. The hair is cute it's pulled back and put together nicely and it's a classic little girls hair. I was pretty excited by this find, it's actually what kept me looking on.

After a few demos I found Amacci Hair ~ Zazza. It too has short pigtails but these aren't braids they're little like ponytails. It's so so cute and such a great look. It's definitely on the more casual end of the hair style scale and great for school, or shopping or building if you like to build and stuff. Totally a hair you need!

The last one I chose for you and use as the LOTD hair is called Amacci Hair ~ Lina. I actually had tried on the hair and almost bought it then I realized I actually had it, and had for a while which was a bonus for sure! It's a sweett, wavy ponytail. It's super cute and actually great to wear with a sweet summer dress.

Instead of a dress I decided to go casual! I was feeling awesomely comfy and slipped on [C*K] BeBe in Yellow from Candii. I have had this outfit since like.. last summer. I love it. It's bright and cool and great when I'm running around and building. It comes with these awesome slip-on sandals AND a visor too. It's cute and I definitely adore this outfit. The accessory I have on is simple today, it's *CC* by LacieCakes - Best Friends (girls) Bracelet from LacieCakes. It was a gift from my awesomely sweet friend MaryKate! She actually has the other half. I love friendship bracelets and necklaces, I'm always passing them out. I think they're an awesome gift for your most charished friends!

If you haven't already, please check out Jamie's post from yesterday! It's regarding the Unwanted Carnival and Bazaar! You'll find some AWESOME finds there!

Hope the rest of your week is sweet and fun! Have a good one.


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  1. Oh I have Amacci Hair, I have Zazza! Now I want the other two! So cute! <3