Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love me..

*twiddles her thumbs and fidgets* We have a bigg secret for you guys... and a surprise and I'm SO excited to tell you... but I'm gonna let some one else spill the beans. *sits on her hands*

HAPPY TUESDAY! I have a fun post today, just a basic LOTD but it's got a few of the fun pieces and my FAVE hair today!

I love love this hair I dunno why, it's just super cute. It's called Tabitha from TRUTH. I love the side pony and the head band. The headband is awesome because it's colour change so I wear it a lot because it matches everything! And it comes streaked with crazy colours! Now, I actually want to point out the skin for a second. It's Mynerva and SO cute. I love Mynerva skins, they're perfectly adorable and SO childlike. There are VERY few high quality skins for children out and this is probably one of the best. The one I am wearing is  ~Vanilla~Dolly Dots OUCH2! Brown Brows. It's typical me. Ouchies and bandaids since I run into EVERYTHING. I have habit of flying into the sides of buildings. She's got a few different skins in the packs too. A normal one, one with tears, one with scrapes on the knees and the one I have on with the bandaid on the face. They SO so great!

For acessories I have on a Custom necklace from Laciecakes- *LC* E (SS) - Custom Heart Necklace (Riley). Which is JUST got in time for the blog and I love looove it so so much! In my mouth I have one of the Gacha prizes from my store Inner Peace- Inner PeaceTwilight Key and Chain Mouthie (Jasper). ( I LOVE Jasper eeep). For my awesome tee, since Mama calls me Bossy- CCC Little Miss Bossy Tee from CCC! For my amaaazing skirt, I have on *BB* ILoVePiNk Denim skirt from Babydoll's Boutique. It's my faveee skirt! Lastly, my amaaazing feet called SLink Barefeet Beady for Kids! I always have them on, I looove love them! I've had a few people ask me where my shape is from. It's actually a custom, however it's done by a great shape maker who has a super cute little shop over at Emmet. Lorelei McCallen makes some SUPER cute shapes and I definitely think they're great! Her shop is called  Lore's Shapes and if you're looking for a cute new shape, you should definitely check her shop out. She does customs too if you're looking for something unique!

That is it! Hope your day is sweet and fun!

Love yoooou! xoxoxo,
Riley Sapphire


  1. this is awesome Riley! And totally cute to. My vow to not buy any linden may be broken! LOL

  2. Thank you girls <33 Aww Sophie, it's SO hard to like not spend right?! But these stores are SO awesome *I* clearly just can't resist! It's not SO bad to indulge JUST a little right?!