Friday, June 4, 2010

You're the only one I've ever believed in.

That song was playing on our stream today! *waves and neatly stacks up my 50L finds for this week, sitting on top of the highest box* I found some great stuff for you today! Some of the 50L designers were nice enough to let me buy their stuff early, so I got a head start this week - yay!

One of my favourite finds this week was from Sassafras - a tire swing with not just one, but three poses! Check it out!

I love how realistic it looks, and the fact that I don't have to swing alone makes it so much cuter. :D Definitely go pick that up!

Inner Peace has two items, both beachy and both adorable. I'm wearing them both in the picture below.

 The tankini is so awesome because it's not too revealing - something I'm always concerned about when SL swim suit shopping. I love the pattern too! The beach accessories set comes with the bucket and then two shell mouthies as well. Oh, and my hair is Tina, from Truth and it just came out yesterday so go grab it - the bow is colour change! My shoes are one of the 50L choices from Larnia Kids. They've got these shoes in a bunch of different colours, too, though these blue ones, and a funky-coloured pair are the 50L items. :)

Next up, from Baby Couture, is this adorable summer outfit! I love the detailing on the shorts, and the cute, fun tropical design on the shirt. On my wrists are two bracelets from the LacieCakes 50L item, which is a set of rainbow jewellery that looks just like candy!

See how my hands are sparkly? Those teal sparklies are the 50L item from Kewt Kids! My hair is called Marnie, and it's from Truth. And last but not least, my flip-flops are the Freedom Flops in white, from Surf Co. I've blogged those before I think, cuz I wear them all the time!

Next, I'm wearing a 50L item from EmJay Kids, my nana's shop! My mommy calls me her princess, so this outfit is perfect for me, and I bet you'll love it too. :)

My mouthie is the 50L item from Gigglebox. It's a Viewfinder Reel with space for all your favourite pictures - remember these from when you were really a kid? My hair is called Lara - it's from Truth, and my shoes are the ETD demi-trainers in bubblegum. That stuff's not 50L though. :)

Next, from Babydoll's Boutique, I got this purple ballerina outfit, complete with hairbow and ballet shoes, for 50L! My hair is Lourdes, from Truth

Behind me in that picture, is the 50L item from Elsewhere - it's a keepsake keeper and it's perfect for holding all your special things. I love the little ladder, and the details like the hanging heart, and flower on the shelf. My mommy's an awesome texturer, and you can see that in this item, huh? :)

Those are the great things I found this week, for 50L. I'm off to try and brave the Fri.Day sale (there goes my linden balance!) and the sale at Poetic Eyes, too. Have a great weekend!

<3 Janey xoxo


  1. Cute post! Love the tireswing and the Keepsake Keeper :D

  2. Awesome Janey!! Your pictures are wonderful!! <3<3
    and some great deals this week!

  3. That tire swing is aaaaaaaaaaaaadorable abbers!! sucha cute post janey! <3