Tuesday, June 1, 2010

There's something about the sunshine baby, I'm seeing you in a whole new light. LA's a breeze for the first time baby, Oh, it's so right...

Woooo! It's the first of June, summer is finally here and school is JUST about out!!! Happy Tuesdays Hair lovers! I've got a great place for you today and you're going to LOVE it! I'm SO super excited to introduce this place to you guys and show you how awesome the styles are to pump up your wardrobe!! I hope you're ready!

Everyone meet !lamb. I discovered this place a while ago when I was whining to Jane about hair- picked up a few, but since then I hadn't been back until recently, AND they released. Their hair is SO unique but super super awesome! The hair I am wearing above is actually one of my fave's from the batch I own. It's called !lamb. Egomaniacal- I specifically wear Kit Kat from the Chocolate Bars Pack. This is actually really sweet girls hair. It's got a perfectly placed little bobby pin and it does this awesome little curls at the end. It's a medium to short hair length and it's just SO perfect! I definitely say that this hair completes any little SL girls inventory, it's a total must have (LOTS of hair is a must have!).

The second hair in my line-up is called !lamb. Lost. This is from the newest release and it's SO cute, it's actually got a long ponytail in the back and a few messy random hairs in the front add such a realistic element to it. It's simple but it's a great hair. I LOVE wearing it while I build. They have another version of this too called Found, with bangs- you KNOW how I love bangs and it's a crazzy cool hair!!

The third on my list is called !lamb. Oh Sugar. This is a shorter style. It's choppy, it's messy and it's SUCH a little rocker chick hair. The pin holds those messy bangs back while the rest of your hair looks awesome! You could spice this up with more clips or a stylin' hat. There is SO much you chould do with this!


REMEMBER Tomygachis? Remember bringing them to class and getting in trouble for having them. It was like having your pet IN your pocket with you. Well because of Gigglebox, you can carry yours in your mouth! Cindy Lu, owner of Gigglebox is known for coming up with some SUPER unordinary things. Like a lot of her cool creations, she made this awesome -G[b]R- Mouthy ~Tomygachi AND if you look closely, the little creature moves. For my awesome shirt I got it at Wonderkids, I love LOVE it... Mrs. Edward Cullen!!! Eeeeeep. They've got some AWESOME shirts there for both twilight and non twilight fans! The Tutu is from Babydoll Boutique's *BB* Bebah Bunny outfit, the whole outfit is adorable actually and I'm always wearing it! The denim shorts are from :>Inner Peace<:'s Lowy Beach Dress outfit. The super adorable shoes are from Aura's called *Aura's* Auggie Suede Croc. They're colour change and they have either a star design (like I have on) or a heart deatil design! Lastly, my AWESOME hair that is of COURSE from !lamb. The hair is called Milk. Now if you see, it comes with a short version. But also a long version (in one pack). You have have the full long version attach to your head OR, attach the lower piece to your spine, that is what I do! This whole outfit is SOO great and definitely something you want to grab!!

That is all for this super hairy blog post! Hope you have an amaaazing week and I'll spy you around the grid!




  1. I luff it, Riles! <3 (she really will spy on you guys, too! hehe.) Great job!

  2. steals Riley's shirt.. why are you wearing my shirt geez! hahaha cute post Riley :)