Monday, May 31, 2010

Sway-ing in the 60's

Happy Memorial Day to those that are celebrating it today. :)  It's such a beautiful day here! I can't wait to get outside with my family. But first I wanted to share with you some cute clothes, some from a place a lot of know about and some from a place that I believe will be something new for most of you
Those that know me know that I just love the styles of the 60's. I used to sit for hours and listen to my aunt tell me story after story of her Hippie Days lol!  So when I was out wandering around the other day and just looking for something different to wear. I seen this store called Teen Turf, and it wasn't long before I pair of jeans leaped out at me.  These jeans are awesome, and.. they have the most awesome looking Peace sign belt!.They are in the Peace outfit. I seen these and knew I had to get them!   The store has some really cute clothes, although its aimed at the teen avi's of SL, I seen a few shirts that I really wanted  I found a really cute halter and was wishing the shading was not there when the owner of the shop Mallory Witt, showed up.  She is super nice. She removed the shading from that top and another and told me any tops in the store I liked, to let her know it wouldnt take her but a second to fix up, and said she would do it for anyone so to tell my friends.  So since you all are my friends. GO THERE!  There are some tops that would look really cute layered with a tank under it, and of course these awesome peace jeans. And All the jeans will fit our shorter avi's too.

*takes a breath* Yes I know I am long winded this morning. But I wanted to let you all know how awesome that store was.

My shoes are from the awesome store Surf Co.- They are called Shoelace Sandals, I am pretty sure we have blogged them a few times. All us scribblers love them! The top is from Babydoll's Free Spirit Outift. I also used some of the accessories from the same outfit.  But others I found on Xstreet.
The Peace Sign Ring I found Here  The (Slow Kitchen)hippie_band which I now think I might wear daily cause its just sooo cool, Was found on xstreet also.

I think that covers the LOTD.  But of course I have one other thing to share with you.

I heard through the grapevine Sway had some new bears out, so I had to go see.. and they are so adorable. Aloha Bears! Oh perfect for the summer. I got em and ran home to put on my hula skirt cause now I didn't have to hula alone!

They are so cute, their eyes open and close and the girl bear has a grass skirt on almost just like mine! And look at the hat of the boy bear!  She has also so giant bears, with I believe 4-5 animations per.. One is for boys and one is for girls.  I love Sways, I looked there for at least an hour. She has some of the neatest furniture, animations and of course bears in any type of clothing and scene you could think of.   You should check it out, the prices are very reasonable!

Okay I am FINALLY done. Boy did I ramble this morning! Thank you all for reading, and I promise to take a breath a few more times next week.

Have a wonderful week! 
Hugs <3<3

Peace Jeans- Teen Turf
Tee Shirt, Choker, Bracelets- Free Spirit Outfit- Babydoll's Boutique
HeadBand found on Xstreet- (Slow Kitchen)hippie_band
Peace Sign Ring-HippieChic red peace ring 

Hula Bears- Sway's


  1. Lovely Abby! Love your hula look <3

  2. I love it, Abs! I've never been to that shop - definitely gonna check it out! <33

  3. aaaadorable abbers as always you look so cutes!