Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How you choose to express yourse, it's all your own and I can tell it comes naturally...

Happy May 11th everyone! Hope your week has been sweet and free of frowns! I've got a known- some what well known shop to show you guys! And thanks to our very own amaaaazing Jane, some great shots too!

Introducing Fri.day! This is definitely a store I frequent often and wait with baited breath for new releases. Their hair is super sweet, the textures are soft and gentle and the styles are SO kid friendly, very little adjusting is needed. Above, Jane is modelling Tatum 2, from the store. This is by far my favourite hair style and awesomely enough, Tatum (the other version) has very VERY cute bangs. In Tatum 2, the awesome bobby pin is so perfectly placed to hold those bangs back and the bun on top of the head is SO great. I use this hair for ballet! I love it.

 Now the hair I am wearing is a GREAT kids hair. It's medium length and pulled so nicely off my face into two little braided twists that are pinned at the back. This hair style is called Nicole 2 from Fri.day! It's not pin straight so it gives a realistic wave at the bottom like real hair would. It fames any face SO nice. Now, I want to point out today's accessory from GiggleBox. It's a mouthy lazer pointer and totally unique. You know I thought I had seen it all concerning mouthies, but Cindy Lu, one of the owners of Gigglebox seems to come up with such AWESOME stuff! Definitely pick up this great accessory.

The third hair I am showing you that prettiful Janey is wearing is called Cassidy! This too is from Fri.day, and it's such a classic ponytail and SUCH a keyyyyute little girls hair. I see a lot of kids wearing this hair and I totally see why. The low pony tail is great for anything, really, it's so simple but it's great for dressing up or even dressing down when making cupcakes! This is definitely a hair you need to have in your SL kid inventory.


We have TWO LOTDs for you today, the one Jane is wearing and the one I am sporting in the photos above. Jane is wearing one of Babydoll Boutiques newest outfits from her release that came out just days ago. It's called Evie in Purple . It's a super cute outfit for summer, it's got great capris and a super sweet babydoll top! On her feet, Jane is wearing Dollystocks! I am wearing one of Aura's newest releases *Aura's* Larora Outfit. I have a love for these shorts like none other. They're SO so cute, and the top looks awesome with them! On my feet are another of Babydoll Boutique's newest releases *BB* Londyn Clogs. CLOGS for your FEET! I saw them and melted because I adoreee them and the best thing, both the Dollystocks and the Londyn Clogs are colour changes so they go with EVERYTHING!

Lastly, the last two styles we have for you from Fri.day are the Marie (on Jane) and Jennifer3 (on me). The best thing about the Marie, is that it comes with a flower option, you cane wear the hair with a sweet flower that is colour change OR like Jane is without and put an outfit bow on it. The Jennifer is super cute, with great pigtail braids and such a great hair! Now onto what we're wearing. Jane is wearing Hesper from Aura's with those AWEOMSEEE shorts and I'm wearing a super cute new release from Babydoll Boutique, *BB* Birdy which is such a pretty summer dress and the awesome, awesomeeeee Londyn cloggs!

That is all for this week's haiiirrry post. Tune in next week for a NEW hair place! You won't wanna miss it!

Riley Sapphire


  1. I love that laster mouthy.. she sent it to me to get my opinion and I fell in slove right away.

    Cute post too <3

  2. I love that braided hair on you Riles. <3 Great post!

  3. I think I'm falling in love with that teethy skin.. lol.

    Great post Riley :D